Everyone wants to look their best when appearing in public, and this particularly holds more truth for those in Hollywood. This is the reason why the beauty industry is worth billions of dollars, especially for that part that has to do with makeup. Fortunately, not everyone needs that to look gorgeous and some celebs even show how lovely they look without any makeup on. Here are some celebrities that appear to look even better without any makeup:

Kylie Jenner

This Kardashian sister has recently become a beauty icon. After big sister Kim has moved on to being a mother and wife, it looks like it is her turn to take the stage. Her popularity has extended beyond the reality show where her entire family stars to a successful lipstick line and makeup brand.

While she has a lip kit to her name, Kylie actually looks even better without any makeup on as seen in some of her raw Instagram pictures. This is not surprising, really considering that she is the daughter of Bruce and Kris Jenner. She also comes from a family that basically grew up in Hollywood and is capitalized on because of their good looks.


While she is admired for her talent, she is even more popular for what she represents. Beyonce has become the poster girl for what a woman should be and, of course, her great looks go perfectly with her image.

“She’s a girl who is into just doing a bold orange, or a bold neon something and nothing else. That’s so modern, that’s so cool. That’s the New York girl.” – Sir John, Beyonce’s makeup artist

While she is all that, it still is surprising how good she looks without any makeup on. You can truly see her beautiful features and it is as if her skin glows. This only shows once more that the queen truly slays even in the raw.

Lana Del Rey

Everyone knows hitmaker Lana Del Rey for her thunderous singing voice. This is commonly associated with the heavy makeup she always sports during performances; more particularly, her thick red lipstick. The “Video Games” singer is somewhat of a glam expert when it comes to makeup, as shown by her Instagram demo of her makeup routine. 

While she looks lovely on stage, she was recently featured without any makeup on. Unsurprisingly, the young singer looked absolutely stunning; maybe even better than how she usually looks with makeup. It only goes to show that natural beauty can be just as stunning.

Adriana Lima

While you have to look as good as you should in Hollywood, this is even truer in the modeling industry where you are paid to look ridiculously flawless. Models are known to be some of the most disciplined people when it comes to taking care of their skin, working out and dieting, so it is no surprise why they look the way they do.

As for Adriana Lima, who has become an icon for Victoria’s Secret, it is no surprise that she is a natural beauty. Lima shared a picture of her working hard while fighting off a cold on the set of a photo shoot. Quite surprisingly, she still looks radiant and blooming, even in a situation that you might expect her to look her worst. It looks like there is no stopping this fashion icon from ever looking good, even at times when the average person would not.

Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne is very popular right now, with a long list of TV and movie credits to her name. While she continues to grace magazines, appear in advertisements and public events looking at glammed up, this lovely celebrity is just as beautiful without any makeup on.

The actress has been posting selfies sans makeup on her social media account to empower more females to celebrate natural beauty. With her porcelain skin, olive eyes and plump pink lips, she is proudly prettier fresh-faced than with all sorts of products.

Hollywood is the place to showcase beauty and these women showed how it is to slay without even lifting a finger. While these women might hit on insecurities, they show that there are much better ways to show who’s boss without any makeup.

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