WrestleMania is home to some of the most exciting matches in the history of sports (or non-sports, for that matter). This is where stars are born and where legacies are made. Here are some of the best matches in no particular order:

The Rock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin (WrestleMania X-Seven)


In this match, one bit of dialogue will resonate forever from the promo package that aired before the event began: “I need to beat you, Rock. I need it more than anything you could ever imagine.” Those words from Steve Austin would, later on, prove to be determinative of the outcome.

While most matches would start with a staredown, this one began with an explosive get-go. Austin and The Rock quickly traded blows without the clock even reaching two minutes after the bell rang. After numerous trades of near finishers, Vince McMahon emerged and shocked everyone as he pulled off The Rock from a pin attempt. Later on, the big boss handed Austin the chair which used to pulverize The Rock to win the title.

“I no longer need my power tie, because I always have, my power finger.” – Steve Austin

Money in the Bank Ladder Match


WWE calls this one of the most iconic fights of all time.

The idea was conceived by Chris Jericho and involved a briefcase with a contract for a title match hung high above the ring. This is where many of them struggle to get it. It is one of the best single match concepts that provided an element of unpredictability in the show for many years.

Ultimate Warrior vs Randy Savage

The atmosphere surrounding the match between the biggest wrestling icons of their generation was bittersweet. While everyone wanted to see these superstars go head on, nobody wanted to see them leave WWE. With a lot on their hands, it is not surprising that both Savage and Warrior turned full physical for the Show of Shows. Savage had a hard time landing elbow drops. It was not any easier for Warrior, whose specialty moves were not enough to take down the Macho man.


Ultimate Warrior later emerged victoriously. When he was about to close the door on Macho Man’s career, the villainous Sherri suddenly berated Savage. Sherri later got pried off the ring by no other than Macho Man’s former flame Miss Elizabeth. When he realized who saved him, the two embrace once again.

Undertaker vs Triple H – WrestleMania XXVII

Undertaker had never been defeated in WrestleMania; so when Triple H saw his best friend Shawn Michael’s career end, he did what he had to do to blemish on The Undertaker’s record. It did not take too long before Triple H speared The Undertaker through Michael Cole’s booth. They exchanged blows throughout the entire bout. Triple H successfully executed three pedigrees and a tombstone, while Undertaker also hit him with a chokeslam and the last ride.

The match ended with Undertaker locking Triple H in Hell’s Gate. This forced him to tap out. Although his streak was still 19-0, he looked pretty bad after this match. Triple H was able to leave while walking on his own two legs while Undertaker had to be carted off.

Bret Hart vs Steve Austin in WrestleMania 13

This “No DQ” match between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Bret Hart was definitive of WrestleMania 13. Hart came in as the popular guy while Stone Cold was the new man in town. However, after this match, the latter emerged to be more popular than ever.

This event was filled with the use of outside objects which left Stone Cold cut and bleeding from his head by the time it ended. Although Steve Austin never actually intended to quit, he passed out from the pain and from loss of blood, so Hart was declared the winner. Austin might have lost, but his stellar performance earned him fan support from all around the world. It started the “Attitude Era” and this is when Stone Cold Steve Austin emerged as the face of the WWE.

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