Films are both considered an art and a form of entertainment. To make such great films, you need an amazing director, wonderful cast and crew, and one hell of a budget. But then again if a movie has all of these then why do some films tend to just not make it into the box office charts. Why does a movie flop anyways? There are a lot of films that unfortunately just didn’t make it,

To understand why these films don’t do well, we have to learn a few things about the film production process. 

One of the things that have to be considered is its competition.

If your film is directed by an Academy Award director with an Academy Award-winning cast, but the movie you are competing with did a great job at advertising their film especially on the social media, then that competing film might actually get more attention and more profit.

There are a lot of great films (technically) that flopped not because it is an awful film but because the people just don’t find it interesting enough. So here are some films that didn’t quite make it into the box office charts, some might surprise you.


#1 The Lone Ranger

We all know that Johnny Depp’s Pirates of the Caribbean series is loved by so many people that it hits box office top charts. So it was a big surprise when this Disney film didn’t manage to make it through. Depp, alongside Armie Hammer and Helena Bonham Carter, stars in this western action film. According to critics, it didn’t quite make because it was way too over-budget and it was completely unnecessary. It wouldn’t be considered a flop if the budget is less than $375 million because that just meant that they need to make more than $600 million to be considered profitable for the studio. But unfortunately, the film only made $260.5 million, which still a lot for a film but obviously Disney didn’t get enough money back, that is why it is considered as a flop.

#2 Jack The Giant Slayer

This fantasy film was obviously based on the fairy tale, Jack and the Beanstalk. It was starring Nicholas Hoult alongside great actors like Ewan McGregor, Stanley Tucci and Bill Nighy. Not to mention it is directed by Bryan Singer, who also directed the X-Men franchise, which was a success. So if this film have such a great cast, then why did it flop? This movie got mixed reviews from both the viewers and critics. However, it did actually make $197 million worldwide, but it was obviously still not enough because the studio ended up losing $125 million.


#3 PAN

It wouldn’t be such a surprise if you don’t even know this film exists. It was apparently not advertised well that is why it became a flop. Just like the Jack The Giant Slayer, this film was also based on a fairy tale, Peter Pan. But it didn’t retell the story, instead, it was made as a prequel and was about how Peter Pan got into Neverland and how he met his long-time enemy, Capt. Hook.

Hook was played by Australian actor, Hugh Jackman, who is better known from his most iconic role, Wolverine in the X-Men franchise. This film was made using mostly CGI and that is one of the reasons why it turned out to be so expensive to make. Unfortunately, the studio didn’t manage to get their $50 million from it so they obviously didn’t earn any profit.

#4 Green Lantern

This has got to be one of the worst movie flops of all time. The movie bombed so bad that it made Ryan Reynolds jump from being D.C. Comic’s Green Lantern to Marvel’s Deadpool. In an interview, Reynolds attributed the flop with a weak story and the fact that he has not seen the script before he started filming the movie.

This film only grossed about $200 million and it may seem a lot but with all the CGI they spend on a superhero movie, the profit was expected to be more than $500 million.



#5 John Carter

In order to know if a film will flop, it has released first. But in this case, it seems like it was actually bound to happen. Critics already predicted that this sci-fi fantasy film by Disney starring Taylor Kitsch will definitely flop because of its ridiculously out of this world budget of $250 million. In order for this film to be considered as a major blockbuster, it has to at least double up its budget, but obviously, this film didn’t. Disney actually lost about $121 million because it only made around $284 million. The film was said to have an initial budget of $350 million plus another $100 million for marketing.

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