Barack Obama is surely more than just the first black President of the United States of America. From spearheading diversity rights to his fun antics, he and his family will truly remain in the hearts of everyone not just in America, but all across the globe. While no one can ever forget those times when the most powerful man on Earth played basketball with his staff, or greeted his cabinet members with a fist bump, it looks like the former first couple has retained their coolness after their term in office.

When Barack Sported a Reverse Cap while Michelle Donned Short Shorts

One of the few times that Barrack and Michelle Obama showed everyone how they still slay after leaving the White House. It looks like the former President of America is living up to his promise of taking his wife on a lovely vacation. Just after President Donald Trump’s inauguration, the former first couple went straight to Palm Springs. Later on, they traded the desert sun for the warm breeze of the Caribbean Islands, specifically Necker Island, which is owned by Virgin Enterprises tycoon Richard Branson.

It is really warm and quite fun seeing the former first couple embracing their days out of the White House in a very casual fashion. A Twitter post shows their laid back vibe looking just like any other beach goer. Michelle is seen looking as stylish as she had always been with short shorts, while the former president was seen sporting a hat backward.


When They Let It All Out With Richard Branson in the Virgin Islands

barack obama kite surfingIf their fashion reflects just how groovy they are, a report by Telegraph UK shows the former first couple let it all out on a vacation hosted by Branson. Obama is seen with a big smile while sporting a life vest as he enjoys surfing in the Virgin Islands. The former President had never kite surfed before, so Virgin’s big boss taught him how.

Barack picked up quite quickly and, later on, the two engaged in a friendly competition.  A video even shows how the former President is having the time of his life with his wife and billionaire buddy. As Branson explains, he and Barack fell a lot of times, but they kept trying and made progress.

When They Demonstrated Their Sleek Fashion Sense

Obama 4Back in the big city, the Obamas are still slaying. It looks like the future is a bit too bright for them as they have to wear sunglasses, which they do all because they can. The Obamas were pictured outside the National Gallery in Washington looking carefree with big smiles on their faces. Dressed in a jacket and jeans, the former President and his wife were looking fresh as ever just after their holiday at Richard Branson’s private island. These pictures made the rounds on the Internet.


When They Had Lunch With Bono

The gorgeous couple has also been seen rubbing elbows with a world-renowned rock star. Barack and Michelle had lunch with U2 frontman and activist Bono in New York City. The three were seen sitting together in a private dining room in Upland at Manhattan. Reports say that as the Obamas and Bono walked out of the restaurant, everybody there stood up and applauded them. Of course, they all waved at everyone.

This, however, is not their first time to visit Stephen Starr’s Upland restaurant. Way back in 2015, Barack took his daughters Malia and Sasha for brunch at the same place. Reports say that he particularly enjoyed the cheeseburger there.

When They Released Their Biographies

Barrack and Michelle Obama will be publishing their biographies soon and it will be a global event. Penguin Random House announced that it has partnered with publishers from Ireland to South Africa for the two books.

While they were slaying way back when they were in office, the Obamas never fail to show which is the coolest presidential family of them all. Whether it be a demo of Barack’s surfing skills to releasing their biographies, it only shows that there is something about the Obamas that everyone will always love – even after life at the White House.

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