It doesn’t really matter if you only drink juice, prefer cocktails or if whiskey is your favorite – you will want to drink in these places. So, if nothing else was able to make you take a trip, now you will have a reason to reconsider.

When you enter your local watering hole, you might think it’s original, but when you see these, you will be absolutely fascinated!

10. H.R. Giger Bar – Crazy Futuristic Alien Bar (Switzerland)

This place is named after the man who is responsible for most of our xenomorph nightmares, and it features creepy chrome seating that is designed to look like spines, strange alien symbols on the floor, and light fixtures and mirrors that look as if they came from the future. This place is really out of this world!


9. Red Sea Bar, Under the Sea (Israel)

Guess where this one is! That’s right, it is under the surface of the Red Sea. All of your Little Mermaid fantasies can come true once you step inside the bar whose plexiglass windows give you an amazing view of surrounding coral, fish and many other sea creatures in their natural habitat.

8. The Clinic Bar – Hospital strangeness (Singapore)

Curious, but cool. You get to sit in wooden wheelchairs set around the tables, and the waitresses at this strange medical-themed bar will ask you a simple question „Would you like your sangria in an IV bag, or straight-up?“ Even if you have a fear of everything medical (like I do), you will love this place, and let the fine nurses take care of you.

7. White Rabbit Restaurant and Bar – I’m late, I’m late! (Russia)

Unlike the Lewis Caroll’s White Rabbit, this one isn’t always late for a very important date, but you are late for a date with it! This place offers an incredible panoramic view of Moscow that will simply take your breath away while you dine on international fine cuisine.

6. Sunland – A truly private experience (South Africa)

You never thought that you might take a drink while being inside a tree? Well, you were wrong, and if you go to the Sunland bar, you can take a drink at this tiny pub made inside a baobab tree that is over 6000 years old. The pub is placed in the natural hollow of the tree’s trunk, and it can only serve 15 guests at a time.

5. The Ice Bar – Ice, ice baby (Canada)

Persistence at its finest. Why? Well, this ice-sculpted bar melts during the summer and gets completely rebuilt each and every year. From January to March you have a chance to enjoy chilled cocktails in a very cool place, but make sure you brought a coat with you, or you will get more than just a brain freeze in here.


4. Alux Caverna Lounge – A place to get lost in (Mexico)

Really, we wouldn’t even be scared. This bar and diner is placed inside of the 18.000-year-old geological formation, and it is the largest cave bar in the world. The place looks like a dwarven royal palace, the stairs carved into the stone, a giant chandelier, wonderful lights everywhere… just like a fairy tale came true.

3. Akanasu – Welcome to the cat paradise (Tokyo)

Reasonably priced great food, fancy cocktails, and, you guessed right, a bunch of cats! If you find yourself in Tokyo, and you need something soft and fluffy to comfort you, these friendly kitties who were adopted from the local shelter, will graciously welcome you by jumping into your lap and start purring. Just remember not to feed them from your own plate, as the owner has treats for you to give to the cats.

2. Sparakoff Pub Tram – A drunken ride (Finland)

While you tour the city, you have a chance to enjoy a drink, or two, or five, because this tram doubles as a bar. It has a 35-person capacity, and it travels around Helsinki for 40 minutes while serving beer, cider, and other drinks. You can choose to hop on at Railway Square, or book the tram for your own private touring experience – just be sure to come during the season, from May to August.

1. Ballie Ballerson – Never too old (England)

No matter what happens, you are never too old to have a drink in a ball pit. This bar brings all the joys of a ball pit while giving you drinks and bottomless spaghetti and meatballs. Go, have fun, play like there’s no tomorrow, cause you won’t see anything like it anywhere else!

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