“Beauty and the Beast” will always go down in history as one of the best cartoon musicals that Disney has ever brought to life. With its live-action remake hitting the theaters, fans might not be content with just singing along with “Be Our Guest” and other musical masterpieces from the Oscar Award-winning film. “Beauty and the Beast” has a very rich storyline that has been rooted from the ages before the cartoon itself was released — and that is what makes it even more interesting.

For those who have looked deeper into the sources of Disney cartoon adaptations, it is known that almost each of these has a dark storyline behind them. The original sources paint different pictures than the beautiful princesses and the singing animals that the cartoons show. “Beauty and the Beast” is no exception to this. Some fan theories reveal why it is actually much darker than a young and beautiful French lady falling for a prince turned into a half-animal.

Theory 1: Mrs. Potts is Too Old For Her Son

An analysis by Cracked points how Mrs. Potts was already considerably old and gray while Chip was still a young lad. This was very visible when the curse gets broken and they both turn back into humans.

beauty 1

Even going by a very gracious estimate, it looks like Beast’s faithful housekeeper Mrs. Potts is just too old to give birth to a son. What is even queerer is that Beast and his crew have been under a spell that has turned them into different pieces of furniture for 10 years. Chip is clearly younger than that. The curse happened all because the prince could not spare an undercover enchantress a night in his 72-bedroom mansion. With this, fans might ask if these personified pieces of furniture retained their capacity to reproduce.

The answer here is that time is relative in the castle. Since everybody there had been cursed, the magic rose started to wilt petal by petal on the prince’s 21st birthday. What is not revealed is how long the rose has been wilting. All we know is that, later on, the characters did not have much time left. Therefore, one side effect of the magic would be that it had been suspending time for everybody, making them age slower than everybody else.

Theory 2: Tarzan’s Jane is Belle and Beast’s Granddaughter

Tumblr bloggers came up with the idea that Jane is actually the granddaughter of Belle and Beast. This is because Belle and Jane look very similar to each other. It was pointed out that it was only Jane who could understand Tarzan immediately, despite the latter being beastlike.  Also, this kitchenware were seen at her campsite.

Theory 3: Beast is Chip’s Father

Going back to the first item, where the slow aging issue has apparently been solved, it actually still does not identify where Chip came from.  Nobody is seen close enough to Mrs. Potts in the movie to make viewers assume who the boy’s father is.

Perhaps they did not mind having a child in the house, or he could have been fathered by one of the servants. The same report on Cracked gives the answer and, upon closer look, the resemblance is really uncanny. The dressing styles are even alike and the resemblance gets even more apparent as Chip gets older.

Theory 4: Gaston is Not Actually That Bad

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There is nobody in the small French town who is as strong as, as fierce as and can fight like Gaston. While this macho man fell for Belle early on and lost her to a rich lion-bear in human form, he gets really bitter and goes on a conquest to kill the beast. This made Gaston one of the most hated people in the Disney universe. However, an article by Hello Giggles implies that this Adonis might just have been misunderstood.

“Beauty and the Beast” has always been “be-yourself” story and it is clearly shown that the whole town loves Gaston. This irons the presumption that bullies have a place in society, but those who stay true to themselves are ostracized. In the end, Gaston gets defeated and Belle and the Beast end up together.

While “Beauty and the Beast” is, no doubt, one of Disney’s greatest masterpieces, a closer look into its intrinsic details shows that there is more to it than the songs and the colorful plot. Fans of the classic get to see that and much more when Emma Watson and the rest of the crew deliver their take on the tale – if you haven’t already seen it.


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