The summer is upon us and going on a vacation will be on the minds of many people. Choosing the perfect destination can become confusing because everyone about the family will have different choices. Some may want to visit tourist attractions while some may decide to have a leisurely holiday in a place that also offers proper access to water. In keeping with the requirements of these people we have put together a list of islands in Europe which we consider will be the best holiday islands in Europe.

People who decide to visit any of the islands mentioned will have the best of both worlds as they will get an opportunity to be by the waterside and also to mingle with ancient ruins that will behold their attention. Let us know at some of the best holiday islands in Europe.

“After all, the best part of a holiday is perhaps not so much to be resting yourself, as to see all the other fellows busy working.” ― Kenneth Grahame


The glitz of the Costa Smeralda should not be the only thought on the minds of people when the island of Sardinia is mentioned because there is plenty around here to divert their attention. Sardinia has the magnificent rugged landscape for enthusiasts of history and the fabulous seafood will keep the entire family enthralled. The evocative remnants of the ancient culture of Sardinia along with the Roman ruins will give people plenty to remember about their vacation.


The mention of Sicily should not bring a view of gangsters and the Mafia in the minds of people as it has often been depicted in the movies. The largest island in the Mediterranean has a fascinating mix of Greek temples, Norman churches and a lot more. Sicily is the type of destination which has a great climate with a combination of history, great eating, drinking and shopping experience that gives tourists a view of the ancient landscapes and makes the vacation truly memorable.


The largest island in the Balearics Majorca may give you the feeling of being just a beach resort but you would be surprised to understand there are going to be its coastline and the interior. You would be able to see a world heritage site in the form of the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range after recognizing the amazing techniques that were used to develop agriculture on its steep slopes over the centuries. Tourists will also get an opportunity to visit the wineries at the center of the island where the local traditions are strong as there have been. You will have more to discover every time you decide to visit this island. You will have access to plenty of great resorts that will provide you a luxurious base for the duration of your vacation.


Crete which is also known as the great island is almost a country by itself. This island is the location of one of the largest beach lounging seasons and the beaches are long and Sandy despite being exposed. You can also find some shorter beaches that are secluded. If you are looking for something more than just a beach there are plenty of attractions in the city and you can visit the ruins of the 14th and 15th century while also being given to go hiking or getting involved in some opportunities to learn some botany.


This island which is located in the Canaries is currently undergoing a revolution and is turning into an upmarket destination. However, you are not required to believe that you are going to see something flashy because the revolution is all about staying in eco-friendly places and cycling around, walking, surfing or tasting the local wines. Lanzarote was kept away from rampant development by the visionary architect and environmentalist Caesar Manrique and some of his creations are now major tourist attractions. You will enjoy spending a few days visiting the places designed by especially as some of those places also have stylish bars and restaurants.

Europe has a number of islands where you can visit during the summer because none of them will disappoint you. Perhaps the only caution you will need to exercise would be to make your plans early because quite a few people are choosing these destinations in increasing numbers.

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