Sharks are one of the most feared creatures, mostly because of how they are also portrayed in movies. While the danger that sharks bring is not be downplayed, because they ARE carnivores, these films have taken their status to a whole new level. They have even created a community of avid fans who so fascinated by them. Here are some of the most memorable (if not celebrated) shark movies to date.


Baitfeatures a group of shoppers in an Australian market who later on get trapped in a freak tsunami. Things get worse when they find themselves in a waterlogged establishment and a killer shark starts hunting them down.

The movie features some decent special effects. It did not get stellar reviews, but any film that features desperate victims who can be shark feed anytime cannot be too bad, right? For the most part, the plot and acting are laughable, but the movie makes use of its faults to make it look genuinely scary.

Shark Night 3D

If you happen to be a teenager in a horror movie, you might not want to hang around near a lake. This is particularly true when you happen to be trapped on an island where cell phone service is not available. When some of your buddies try to piss off some sharks so that they can film the chaos, expect trouble. Shark Night 3D features a lot of twists and slick production values that would deliver the necessary thrills. Of course, this movie features babes in bikinis as you would expect and some death scenes that are too ridiculous to be taken seriously. The best thing about this movie could be that the dog survives in the end.

Blue Water, White Death

Everyone has heard of or seen “Jaws,” whether or not you are shark fan. But before it turned great white sharks into horror icons, there was this great documentary by Peter Gimbel. His crew eventually went on to help Steven Spielberg out with his later projects. This movie highlighted the importance of this creature to the underwater environment.

“Blue Water, White Death” features amazing footage that captures sharks in their natural habitat. The effort focused on the characteristics of the animal. Unlike most other shark movies that feature funny deaths and where the main characters either live or get chomped down, this actually puts sense to everyone’s favorite underwater predator.

Deep Blue Sea

This movie involves a premise where scientists think that Mako sharks could contain the best possible cure for Alzheimer’s disease. It features genetically altered super smart sharks that are in for a buffet in an underwater research facility. If you thought that was tough enough, the team of scientists has more to worry about as an impending hurricane was about to turn things inside out — just because the screenwriters can. It features incredible CGI for its time and Samuel L. Jackson was there to throw in some badass vibes. Despite being largely considered a B movie, “Deep Blue Sea” has earned the status of a cult classic.


While most shark movies are not meant to be taken seriously, this one is definitely the king of its genre. The opening scene alone would boast the terrifying shark attack ever filmed, and this is largely because you do not actually get to see the shark. A lot of dread and terror builds up as you watch Police Chief Brody try and miserably fail to close the beach during peak season. The tension was built well enough you might never want to step into an ocean again.

True enough, this movie is one of Steven Spielberg’s earliest and most iconic pieces. All this is coupled with John Williams’ unforgettable score. Most shark fans already know the classic lines from this franchise and while this list is arranged in no particular order, “Jaws” is definitely the best shark movie of all time.

Did we miss any of your favorite shark films? Did any of these movies give you sleepless nights? Share with us your experiences in the comments below.

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