The dream of marrying your favorite actor is the thing in every fan’s mind, at least one time. It is such a fairy tale! You meet your favorite artist and fall in love. Romance continues until you are married to them. Believe it or not, sometimes, this fantasy comes true. Some lucky fans marry their favorite celebrities. Oh, it looks like they are human after all!

Here are 12 celebrities who married their fans

No. 1 – Matt Damon

matt-damon-wifeMatt has a perfect marriage. The couple looks euphoric and in love. Matt met his wife in a bar back in 2003  while shooting the movie Stuck On You

His wife, Luciana Barroso, worked there as a bartender. She even helped him escape from a group of fans who wanted an autograph. They tied the knot two years later. The two have four kids together.

No. 2 – Christian Bale

Christian also met his wife, Sandra Blazic, while she was working for one of the celebrities. She was Winona Ryder’s personal assistant and make-up artist. They have two children together.

No. 3 – Anne Hathaway

Did you know that Anne also married her big fan? She met her husband through mutual friends. They started dating in 2008 and got engaged in 2011. They have a son and still love each other as in their first days.

No. 4 – Nicolas Cage

Nicolas met Alice Kim, who was his big fan, in 2004. She worked at a restaurant as a waitress. Probably, she couldn’t imagine that one of her most beloved celebrities would marry her one day. Less than a year after their first encounter, they exchanged vows.

No. 5 – Patrick Dempsey

Patrick married hairstylist and a huge fan of his, Jillian Fink. They met when he made an appointment in her hair salon for his hair to get stylized. Their love story has lasted from 1999 without fading.  Patrick still has his gorgeous hairdresser and three kids!

No. 6 – Julia Roberts

Julia and her current husband met on the making of her movie, The Mexican, in 2000. Danny Moder was a cameraman while Julia was an actor. They got married in 2002 and now have three children together.


No. 7 – Jessica Alba

JesicaJessica and her husband Cash Warren met when she was filming The Fantastic Four in 2004. Back then, Warren worked as a production assistant. He was a great fan of Jessica before. Warren was even once caught staring at her from a distance. They are still married and have two daughters together. His dream came true, and they do live a fairy tale.

No. 8 – Adam Sandler

Adam met his spouse, Jacqueline Titone, through mutual friends. She loved his work and got a part in a movie called Big Daddy. They married in 2003, and Mrs. Sandler continued playing roles with her husband. They have two daughters together.

No. 9 – Tobey Maguire

Mr. Maguire met his wife, Jennifer Meyer, who was a jewelry designer, on the set of the movie Seabiscuit in 2003. She was introduced to him, and the magic happened. They got engaged three years later. They have two children together.

No. 10 – John Travolta

Travolta met Kelly Preston in 1987 while they were shooting a movie, The Experts. Preston was his delighted fan back then.She even admitted that she wanted to marry him when she watched him in the movie Grease. The couple got married in 1991, and they have three children.

No. 11 – Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth was a big fan of her current husband’s band, Coldplay, a long time before she met him. They met at the backstage and got married two years later. They have two children within a beautiful marriage.

No. 12 – Billie Joe Armstrong

Billie saw his wife first when she came to see his band Green Day. They married four years later and have two sons.

It may be quite hard to bring this type of a dream come true. However, many celebrities are dating or are married to their fans. This is an interesting thing to know for every fan. At least there is a slight chance for you after all! That just proves that all celebrities are just ordinary people, having normal lives as all of us do.

Whether you will buy a ticket to visit your favorite celebrity or just continue living with hope, we would be glad to find out that you finally met your celebrity!

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