The cameras and the fame follow them and they seem to have access to every luxury in town. They could make you believe they are different from the rest and in some ways they certainly are. There is no facility to which they do not have access whether it’s over technology or cleanliness. However, a number of celebrities are also known not to bother about their personal hygiene.

You could come across several celebrities who have bad personal hygiene and may seem out of place in the best of times. Some have beliefs that are not accepted and the others have developed habits which by most people would be called outrageous. Their habits haven’t made a dent in their popularity but it has left many people cringing at the thought of meeting the celebrities who have bad personal hygiene. The names mentioned in this article then perhaps surprise you but getting some surprises as a part and parcel of life, isn’t it?

Megan Fox

Megan Fox despite being one of the hottest actresses is reputed to be not the most sanitary person to be around with. If you are dreaming about having Megan Fox as the perfect companion you may perhaps consider changing your mind. Megan Fox has a problem with flatulence and she has admitted to this problem to several media outlets. She has mentioned that the type of food you have resulted in the smell of flatulence. However, it has often been mentioned that she decimates washrooms whenever she goes.

Kourtney Kardashian

Despite having everything at her disposal Kourtney Kardashian is not one of those individuals who cares about how she smells. She is one of the naturally inclined women that refuses to wear a deodorant for reasons preferring instead to use a natural deodorant made from crystals. Information is available the natural remedies are not functioning as required. The Kardashian sibling has all the perfumes available to her but prefers to have bad body odor and still continues to remain in business simply because she is gorgeous.

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey is nearly unstoppable in the movie industry after having won the Academy Awards for best actor. Everyone would want to be with McConaughey if they could get an opportunity. Perhaps people will begin to think differently if they were given information that McConaughey had no one any deodorant or perfume for over 20 years. McConaughey has made claims that his body order was not a problem with the women of his life claiming that he showers multiple times a day and also brushes his teeth five times. However, his costars like Kate Hudson have a different opinion and have reported that McConaughey needs to take some actions against this habit.

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera is known as a unique voice and pure talent by the world but some people around her also mention that her hygiene is another unique feature. She is reputed to be smelling of hotdogs and she often smells like a New York snack stand. The accusations against Aguilera may have pushed her into the business of perfumes but people are hoping that the perfume will not resemble the flavor of a hot dog.

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper was voted as the sexiest man in 2011 and he also has graduated in English from Georgetown University. Cooper has the talent, brains and the looks and everything one can hope for except for personal hygiene. Cooper is another personality who refuses to wear deodorants or perfumes and prefers to remain natural. He does make it a point to shower at least three times a day and believes the showers are helping him.

Ya know what I do almost every day? I wash. Personal hygiene is part of the package with me. – Jim Carrey

The habits of these celebrities should not give people the impression that these are acceptable habits which can be adopted. They are being spoken about simply because they are being followed by celebrities who have bad personal hygiene.

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