The super rich in most parts around the world are not just prepared to work hard but are also willing to play hard. When the time arrives to begin playing the millionaires and billionaires are prepared to expend large sums of money for any luxurious toys which they fancy. 

They are not concerned about whether they make a supersized tank under the sea for a value of $300,000 or purchase some fancy toys, which may have been introduced within the market. Their sole objective is to enjoy themselves, and they satisfy their urges by setting aside a few thousand dollars for the items they need and even indulge in upgrades to suit their fancy. Let us now look at some of the crazy expensive toys of the super rich. 

DTV shredder 

What can you expect when you have a cross between a skateboard and a motocross bike and a tank? You get to meet the DTV shredder. The original price of this vehicle which can be used in off-road conditions is $5000. However, if you decide to spice it up just as the crown prince of Dubai did along with his brothers to have the shredder supercharged with customized aircraft engines the cost can rise up to $120,000. One wonders where the crown prince moves around with this vehicle as he is always surrounded by security. 

Bentley GT vehicles 

These customized GT vehicles are the fastest ever built by Bentley and are available with a sky high perk. Just seven vehicles of these super exclusive cars exist within the world and were inspired by the sponsored jet team of Breitling. They have been designed just like the Jets and come with yellow accents within and outside the car. Purchasers also have access to a 30-minute free ride into the skies. 

The Ripsaw EV 2 Luxury Super Tank 

This luxury super tank has gullwing doors, GPS and a leather interior but most importantly it is not even legal on the roads. It is available with iPhone chargers, air-conditioning, and automatic transmission. This is a perfect complement for the super rich who may own a ranch or has a need to tackle sand dunes. It may be perfect for the crown prince of Dubai as it can achieve speeds of 80 mph though it just does 2 miles for a gallon of fuel. It is indeed custom-designed for the Middle Eastern princes who are wallowing in oil. The Price of This Vehicle Is Just $300,000. 

The SeaBreacher Submersible 

If the super rich want to spend $500,000 on a toy custom design for them they should consider the seaBreacher submersible which can achieve speeds close to 60 mph apart from leaping and doing 360° barrel rolls. They have been designed to look like dolphins, killer whales and sharks. 

The Iguana yacht 

With a price tag of $500,000 the vessel is available not just with legs but also has the intelligence to use them. Identified as the iguana yacht this amphibious boat can transport you from the sea to the shore. The rubber and Kevlar treads can fold into the hull giving the boat an opportunity to close at 40 km within the sea and thereafter also walk on land. The boat can be decked with 24 karat gold plated trim, leather seats, which are custom designed and exotic wood. 

“I’ve been afraid of people playing their life away with too many toys.” – Ray Bradbury

Vintage Railcar 

Coming with a price tag of $5 million billionaires who prefer to take it slow can forget using a private plane as a luxury to save time. The vintage rail car was constructed in 1927, and millions have been poured into the renovation. It has been named as the “Patron Tequila Express” and features half-million dollars worth of stained-glass from the 16th century and another half million in woodcarvings and also included is a private chef’s kitchen. Any billionaire thinking about going for a spin with this beauty will need to spend a fortune because a trip from New York to Los Angeles will cost approximately $100,000. 

The Astolat Castle 

This castle which resembles a six-story mentioned is full of rare art and luxurious furnishings. It also has a resemblance to and enriched doll house though, in reality, it is. Six people took 24 hours to assemble the castle, and it is complete with 10,000 pieces inside along with working lamps and real cords, which plug into the walls. The price of the castle is in excess of $20,000 per square feet, and the value is $8.5 million. This is one expensive toy which billionaires to would fear from holding. 

Mentioned above are some of the crazy expensive toys of the super rich which can be seen from different parts throughout the globe. The average individual may not consider owning any of these items but who is to dispute the choices of the super rich?  

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