In certain countries, they still have a monarchy for a governing system. Like, the Great Britain, Sweden, Denmark, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Norway and more. These royal families are not just known for their titles, but also for their crowns.

These crowns or tiaras have been passed down so many times and they are so valuable that it can only be worn on special occasions, such as a special holiday or a coronation. Where do you think they keep it? Well, certainly not in their bedrooms, because some of these special crowns and tiaras are kept in high-security vaults that have an incredibly sophisticated security features. No one has managed to get into one of these crowns and tiaras for years.



It was actually the Egyptians who actually started the tradition of the royal family to wear the crown as a sign of power and leadership. Although it was more of a headdress than a crown, because a crown is the simpler and modern version of these headdresses. Whatever they look like, they technically have the same meaning.

Can you guess which country got the most expensive crown?


princess-margaretThe very first royal headdress or Tiara is the $1.7. Billion tiara owned by Princess Margaret of England. She was actually the younger sister of the current queen of the Great Britain, Queen Elizabeth. She wore the Poltimore crown for her wedding with the photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones, who became the Earl of Snowdon. He even took a photo of her in a tub while wearing the tiara, that is why it is the most famous tiara she ever wore. 

When the princess died in 2002, her two children faced a massive estate tax that is why they had to put the Poltimore crown to auction, together with her other pieces of jewelry. It was auctioned at Christies in July 2006, and a private buyer managed to get his or her hand on the crown for $1.7 billion, which is really worth it since it is such a remarkable tiara.


This is also known as Crown of Saint Wenceslas and Czech Republic Crown Jewel. A lot of people may not know that Czech Republic is actually one of the oldest kingdoms in Europe, they are a member of several international councils as well, but one of the most famous possessions of their country is the Crown of Saint Wenceslas.

crown of wenceslasThe crown is actually dedicated to the Duke St. Wenceslaus, hence the name. However, the crown jewel is not meant to be owned by any specific royalty and it is mean to be kept in the St. Wenceslaus chapel in St. Vitus. The crown was only lent to kings and must be returned right after the ceremony or before the night ends. Unlike any other crown jewel, this one actually has a unique design.

It has a vertical fleur-de-lis on its front, back and sides. It is made from 22-carat gold that comes with a set of precious 19 sapphires, 44 spinels, 30 emeralds, 20 pearls, 1 rubellite, 1 ruby, and 1 aquamarine. It has a weight of 2475g and on the top of the crown, it has a cross. Rumor has it that the cross on the crown stores one of the thorns from Jesus Christ’s crown of thorns, but nobody confirmed it.


maximilian i crownIf you don’t know where Bavaria is, it is one of the free states of Germany, and it’s located in the southeast part of the country. Bavaria is considered as the largest state there. The crown is actually a part of the Bavarian Crown Jewels and it was made for Maximillian I. 

A French goldsmith named Jean-Baptiste de Lasne was commissioned to make the crown and based it on the crown of Louis XV of France. It contains rubies, emeralds, diamonds, pearls and sapphires. The crown was only an insignia, just like the others.


This is considered as one of the most beautiful pearl tiaras ever made in history and it was worn by the last Empress of France. It was made by Alexandre-Gabriel Lemonnier, and he used some stones from the tiaras of Emrpess Marie Louise and the Duchess of Angoulem. All in all, it has about 200 pearls with 200 hundred diamonds, and this tiara cost about 7.8 million British pounds.

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