Being law-abiding citizens was the last thing on the minds of the most crooked athletes in the history of sports. These individuals all had a brush with the law enforcement agencies and several of them on more than a single occasion. Some of their details are quite scary while the others look as a case of genuine stupidity.

Let us take a look at some of these individuals who have been classified as the most crooked athletes in the history of sports.

Michael Nunn

Michael Nunn was convicted for a conspiracy to distribute cocaine and was sentenced to 292 months in prison. He has been released on June 16, 2004, but hasn’t been active since that time since. The excitement he got from being in the ring wasn’t sufficient for Nunn.

Jamal Lewis

Lewis generated a fortune during his NFL tenure that was sufficient to foot another bill for a cell phone. Unfortunately, Lewis was apprehended for using his primary cell phone in order to facilitate a drug deal. He should not have been using the same line for business and pleasure.

Brock Lesnar

Trying to deal with controlled substances can mean trouble for anyone but when the individual has a body the size of Lesnar the evidence presented can lead to rampant speculation and it was perhaps the reason why Lesnar managed to sort out the matter.

Sonny Liston

Sonny Liston made plenty of money within the ring and was probably not satisfied with his earnings. Liston was arrested for robbery and sentenced to five years initially. He served just two years and perhaps give an impression that he had taken too many blows to the head.

Booker T

It does not look good including Booker T in this list especially after considering how popular he was on the wrestling circuit. His arrest was prior to his rise as an icon of wrestling but the charges were no less serious. He was charged with robbing a Wendy’s outlet and was incarcerated for 19 months.

Sylvester Williams

This was another athlete who couldn’t figure out how to spend his retired life and decided to pick up a new hobby. The hobby may have sounded exciting for Williams but was not accepted in society. Williams was charged with kidnapping and was sentenced to 3 1/2 years in prison before being released.

Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman has the reputation of being the bad boy of NBA. He had been apprehended in 1999 for felony charges and again in the same year for DUI. Unfortunately for Rodman he also faced accusations of assaulting Carmen Electra the same year. The infamous kick to the camera man cannot be forgotten either.

Marion Jones

The track and field dominance of Marion Jones was something that had rarely been seen in the past but her dominance did not seem as powerful because she had received a major lift. Marion was another athlete who was enticed by the vacuum of steroids and the charges against her were obstruction of justice and perjury.

Johnny Jolly Jr.

Jolly Jr. was initially arrested on a drug charge and then was arrested again on the second charge of possession. 600 g of codeine was found underneath the passenger seat of his car and that was sufficient to send Jolly back into the bad books of the NFL. Whether Jolly will ever play pro football again is something that is still to be determined.

Tommy Kane

Tommy Kane pleaded guilty to second-degree murder of his wife. They were having an argument about a potential divorce when Kane dragged his former wife across the floor by her hair. The story is definitely sad but is also extraordinary.

Don King

Before his name became associated with a number of events in the boxing ring King’s criminal career had begun a long time ago. He was running an illegal gambling ring in school and by the time he had reached college he had an operation of his own. He expanded his gambling empire after dropping out of college and also began the business of killing people. He has been investigated by the FBI for fixing fights, charged with tax evasion and has also been indicted for insurance fraud.

These are some of the individuals who have been classified as the most crooked athletes in the history of sports. Regardless of the talent they had, they are certainly not the role models that youngsters would like to follow.

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