Everything must come to an end, including this phenomenal adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s series of novels, A Song of Ice and Fire. Game of Thrones just concluded its seventh season last August 27th of 2017. Their first season premiered in April 2011 and it became such a massive hit, not just in the United States, but to the entire world. It was filmed in different parts of the world such as Belfast, United Kingdom, Morocco, Unites States, Iceland, Canada, and Croatia. Don’t fret though, because its final season will come either 2018 or 2019, but before that, let’s talk about what exactly happened with the last few episodes of Season 7 and what the stars think about it.

WARNING! Major Spoilers Ahead


HBO’s best television series so far, Game of Thrones, managed to break records on its season finale. It drew a series-high of 12.1 million views in its initial airing last, but not only that, the replays, as well as the streaming, gained a couple of millions more of 16.5 million. They received more views compared to the sixth season finale by 36 percent according to Variety. HBO mentioned that every episode of season 7 actually averaged more than 30 million views, so it is definitely not surprising that the final episode would break yet another record.

Game of Thrones certainly did it again for their penultimate season. Their 80-minute episode definitely broke records, and this is all according to Nielsen data. All of these statistics are based on the total viewership figure including those who watched it while it is airing and the ones that watched it on HBO Go or HBO Now, at the same night.


The cast of Game of Thrones obviously have their own thoughts about the season finale, and here are some of them

According to one of the stars of the hit television series, a deleted scene would’ve helped the final episode to be more clear. The said scene involves the sisters Sansa and Arya, when Sansa uttered the words, “How do you answer these charges, Lord Baelish?” With a follow-up from Arya saying, “My sister asked you a question.” So the viewers were surprised to witness these two young women working together.

The deleted scene would apparently explain when and how exactly it happened, good thing Isaac Hempstead Wright, shared some of it with us. “Funny enough, we actually shoot a scene that didn’t make it into that episode where Sansa knocks on Bran’s door, and I don’t know whether they actually want to change the story, but as I understand it, Sansa came to Bran just checking that fact.”
Lead stars, Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington, who play the roles of Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow, also shared some of their thoughts on the shocking season finale. According to Clarke, it is a bit weird for them as actors knowing that her and Kit Harington’s character are related and yet they still shared and intimate scene that totally surprised everyone. Harington even joked about looking at his co-star Emilia Clarke and pretending to gag while they were filming.


The world definitely tuned in to the final episode of Game of Thrones, including some celebrities who even shared some of their thoughts on their social media pages which totally are so relatable that they’re obviously just ordinary fans like everyone else. Pitch Perfect star, Anna Kendrick revealed in an interview on Good Morning America that she was actually so tuned in to the hit television series.

Despite being present at the MTV Video Music Awards, member of the DNCE, Joe Jonas, still managed to support his girlfriend, Sophie Turner, who portrays Sansa Stark in the series, by sharing a photo with her on-screen half-brother, Kit Harington.And comedian and voice-actor, Josh Gad, definitely lightened everyone’s mood with his tweet regarding the love affair and intimate moment Jon and Daenerys shared. Here’s is Zach Braff sharing a Daenerys GIF on his Twitter.

This record-breaking series has indeed set the record so high when it comes to drama-fantasy television series, so it will be very difficult for HBO to make a new one that could be more successful than Game of Thrones.

If you still haven’t seen the last few episodes of this phenomenal season 7 of Game of Thrones, then you better go and get it from the HBO official website, because you are definitely missing out. However, if you haven’t seen the entire series yet and seem to find it interesting since almost everyone is talking about it, then be on the trend and check it out. Feel free to share this article with your family and friends especially your fellow Game of Thrones fans.

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