During the ancient times, there are no celebrities, politicians, and any other famous people, what they have are great rulers. A kingdom is often ruled by a specific leader. Nowadays, leaders are what we call VIPs, or very important people. They have security all over the place wherever they go. However, if you think about it, is that exactly how a leader or a ruler should be? Gone are the days where rulers of a nation would fight alongside his army in a war. That’s just mean that the rulers or leaders during the ancient times will always be way better than the ones we have today. Here are some of them.

“Through every generation of the human race there has been a constant war, a war with fear. Those who have the courage to conquer it are made free and those who are conquered by it are made to suffer until they have the courage to dearest it, or until death takes them.” – Alexander The Great


The word “great” wouldn’t be included in his name for nothing right? Well, one of the reasons is that when Alexander was thirteen, his tutor was none other than Aristotle, and Aristotle was a student of Plato. Aristotle taught Alexander almost everything such as geography, zoology, politics, and even medicine.

Alexander strived for greatness when he was younger, that is why when his father was stabbed, he wasted no time and had executed people who went against him as well as possible rivals, like his half-brother who was just a baby. According to historians, Alexander was probably the greatest and at the same time the most brutal and legendary military rulers of all time. He is so successful that when he conquers certain kingdoms and cities, they would surrender to him just like that. His great military tactics were the inspiration of the military all over the world up to this date.


Another amazing ruler and an incredible military leader from France was Napoleon Bonaparte. He was actually known for conquering almost every place in Europe during the 19th century. He rose fast through his ranks in the military especially during the French Revolution, because of his intelligence when it comes to the military, he crowned himself emperor and didn’t back down to any war against different coalitions.

He was known to be the dictator of France at the time, and because of that, he was able to institute a couple of government reforms and one of those famous reforms was the Napoleonic code. It is basically a code that says the government positions must be appointed to the people who were qualified and at the same time has the ability to do the job, and must not be based on a person’s identity or religion. This was considered to be such a bigger and better change for the French government since aristocrats were the only ones who are appointed before the code was made. Bonaparte was also the one who improved France’s economic status by building new roads as well as establishing schools and churches.


Before Napoleon’s greatness helped France, there was Charlemagne of Franks. He was actually the King of the Franks and his name actually means Charles the Great. The Franks were actually the people who belonged in the Germanic Tribes and they lived in a place called Franks, which is of course now known to be France.

Today, Charlemagne is known to be the father of the German Monarchy. Simply because he was indeed a great ruler, a strong leader, and a good administrator. He was the one who pushed education and also established a monetary standard at the time called livre carolinienne, as well as the government control over prices. He is also known to be the Father of Europe.


Last but definitely not the least, was the queen who ruled England for more than 40 years. She was known to be the forgotten princess, simply because even if she was the rightful heir to the throne since she was the eldest of King Henry’s children. Unfortunately, when her half-brother, King Edward died at the age of 15, her half-sister Queen Mary took over and sent her to jail because she was scared over being overthrown by her elder sister. Eventually, when her sister Queen Mary died, she was released and became Queen at the age of twenty-five. She indeed worked really hard as a queen, making sure her people are in peace and harmony, as well as visiting other cities to keep her people safe. The Elizabethan Age was considered to be the Golden Age of England because she was the Queen who got the chance to encounter the great playwright, William Shakespeare.

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