With the recent successful release of “Assassin’s Creed” on the big screen, it seems that adapting video games into movies is a budding trend. After all, Hollywood is all about remakes nowadays. With the massive fan base that some gaming titles have, producers are hoping to repeat the hype when these are given film versions. Here are five games that are about to become movies soon.

Just Cause

Jason Momoa, who will appear on screen later in the year as Aquaman, has been casted for the lead role in the “Just Cause” film project. Momoa is likely to play the gem protagonist Rico Rodriguez, a highly skilled operative who gets tasked to complete various assignments for the mysterious organization known as the Agency. This movie should be confined within the vicinity of an exotic area, but that and many other details are yet to be confirmed.

Brad Peyton, director of “San Andreas,” has also been confirmed to be the film’s director. Jeff Fierson joins the production through ASAP Entertainment. China-based studio DNA will handle the financing side. There has been no news yet when this movie will begin shooting or when it will be released.

The Last of Us

While the game is already cinematic by itself, Sony subsidiary Screen Gems, the company behind the “Resident Evil” franchise, is currently pushing hard to bring “The Last of Us” to the big screen.

Sam Raimi of the original “Spiderman” franchise is already on board as producer while the original game’s Neil Druckman is already working on the screenplay. In January 2015, Druckman insisted that the movie version would be faithful to the source, despite a few changes.

Come March 2016, both Druckman and Raimi admitted that production for the movie is in development hell, citing creative differences. That said, the movie might not be released anytime soon. There have been no news yet when it will be released.

Mass Effect

The detailed gameplay and storyline for “Mass Effect” seems perfect for an adaptation to the big screen. With a lot that can be done, Legendary and Warner Brothers have acquired filming rights for this franchise.

Avi Arad has already taken the helm as producer and Mark Protsevich had reportedly already started on the script way back in 2012. However, the project faced some bumps of its own. Legendary Pictures CEO Thomas Tull revealed that getting the film’s story ready for production was not easy. The movie is expected to be released by 2018.

Tomb Raider

The “Tomb Raider” franchise had been turned into a movie in 2013, starring Angelina Jolie. The success of the films that followed paved the way for producers to, once again, plan a reboot. Swedish actress Alicia Vikander (“Ex Machina”) has been cast as the new Lara Croft — and set pictures show that she looks pretty identical to the previous version.

While it is a challenge to fill in the large shoes Jolie had set for the character, Vikander says that they drew a lot of inspiration from the game as well as the entire “Tomb Raider” canon to develop their own world, which they expect fans to recognize. The movie is slated for a 2018 release.

The Witcher

A movie adaptation of “The Witcher” was first released in Poland in 2001, but it was a B movie and very few people even knew that happened. With the popularity of Andrzej Sapkoski’s novels boosted by the games, Hollywood has taken interest and is gearing up to make a proper film based on the games and the novels.

Platige Films owns the rights to bring “The Witcher” to the big screen. Oscar nominated animator Tomasx Baginski will direct the movie while the script will be by Thania St. John. St John’s previous projects include “Grimm” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” A 2017 release date has been announced, but it looks like the movie is going to be delayed because there haven’t been any updates to date.

From an exotic island to a vast universe outer space, there is just a lot of fresh ideas that the gaming industry can bring to Hollywood. How these movies will fare when they get released remains to be seen. Hopefully, viewers are not tired of seeing games turned into films just yet.

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