Hollywood celebrities might be the last group of people that you might think of when you try to think of people with really high IQs. Many are quick to assume that actors are not very bright just because they are in the entertainment industry. That, however, is not true at all. Here are some celebrities who are probably smarter than most of us.

For comparison purposes, Albert Einstein has a recorded IQ of 160 to 190, Stephen Hawking is at 160 and chess genius Gary Kasparov is at 190. So far, the person with the highest recorded IQ is William Sidis, who logged 250 to 300.

James Franco

It is quite hard to take this man seriously. When he comes to mind, you think of what he and Seth Rogen would have to offer, which are more often than not, something really funny or so dumb that it becomes funny. His Hollywood work, however, does not hold a candle to how high his IQ really is.

Franco’s IQ is 130. For those who might not be impressed with IQ figures, he attended and graduated from prestigious schools including UCLA, NYU, Brooklyn College, Warren Wilson College and Columbia University. He is currently working on his Ph.D. at Yale University. While studying at UCLA, he reportedly took and finished 62 units in one semester, which students would typically take 3 to 4 semesters to complete.

Lisa Kudrow

Her character on “Friends” might be cranky and spaced out, but you have to admit that it takes some impeccable wit to wing that role. This is because Lisa Kudrow is a genius. The actress has an IQ of 154. She has a degree in psychobiology from Vassar College. She is living proof that, often, the dumbest roles have the smartest actors behind them.


Conan O’Brien

Just turn on your TV late at night and if you come across this redhead, you are in for some intelligent laughs. While this man can pull off some of the wittiest jokes late ever, you might be surprised to know how smart he really is.

While in high school, Conan worked as an intern for Congressman Robert Drinan and won in a writing contest by the National Council of Teachers of English in his senior year. He then went on to graduate as valedictorian of his class. After that, he finished magna cum laude at Harvard University with a thesis focused on the use of children as symbols in the works of Flannery O’Connor and William Fauikner. O’Brien has an IQ of 160.

Mayim Bialik

When playing a role in “The Big Bang Theory,” you have to be at least smart enough to crack jokes with a very deep scientific implication. Fortunately, for Mayim Bialik who plays a neurobiologist, intelligence is not a problem at all.


She is even smarter in real life with a Ph.D. in neuroscience from UCLA. After working for “Blossom,” she was accepted to Harvard and Yale but chose to attend a school that was closer to her home. After earning her Bachelor of Science, she went back to school to work on her doctorate. Her IQ is reportedly somewhere between 150 to 163.

Nicole Kidman

While Nicole Kidman is well loved as a versatile actress, what people don’t know is that she is just as incredibly smart as she is beautiful. With a father who is a clinical psychologist and biologist and a mother who is a nursing instructor, it is not much of a surprise that she has an IQ of 132.

Kidman did not pursue a path common among geniuses, though. She studied at the Victorian College of the Arts and at Phillip Street Theatre in Sydney with another Australian actress Naomi Watts. She also attended the Australian Theatre for Young People.

Hollywood is, indeed, a treasure trove of surprises. Other notable geniuses include Sharon Stone (IQ 154), Shakira (IQ 140), Matt Damon (IQ 160), Natalie Portman (IQ 140), James Woods (IQ 184) and Quentin Tarantino (IQ 160). The list is long!

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