Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud, the Saudi Prince, traveled to France in early August 2008. Reportedly, during the trip, he boarded a luxury yacht to Spain with a woman with him. To refute the media reports and douse speculation on his private dealings, Al Waleed gave out a stack of documents proving the legitimacy (and morality) of his trip. In doing so, the public was treated to a thick list of privileges that were so astounding as they apparently included a massive entourage.

The list shows Al Waleed traveling with quite a number of people, in addition to his wife.The said entourage apparently not only gets to follow him on and off his yacht, but they also join him for communal dinners and shopping trips in St. Tropez.

Saudi Prince Al Waleed’s Travel Entourage

According to The Wall Street Journal, the Prince traveled with a private physician, the assistant manager of his palaces, a private assistant, an executive assistant, his personal affairs manager, and two more personal affairs assistants. The manager of Protocol Department was also there, the manager of Travel and External Affairs, as well as the Assistant Manager of Telecommunications. Also on this list are Al Waleed’s personal hairdresser, private affairs staff for the Princess and the Princess’s beautician.

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An assistant head of the Audio Visual Department was also part of the group, plus two private security details, one French security detail and one security detail for the Princess, an athletic trainer, and two guys listed as companions.

This is probably why the Prince needed to buy the first VIP version of Airbus’ double-decker A380 plane, the world’s largest passenger jet.

King of Saudi Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud

The Prince may have his grand entourage but a King can outdo him in a far more distinct and extraordinary level. The King of Saudi Arabia Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud certainly knows how to travel in style and luxury. News agency Antara reports that King Salman recently traveled with no less than 1,500 people in a rare royal visit to Indonesia. They have booked out four hotels in a posh Jakarta neighborhood for the whole duration of the stay.

Aside from his usual staff, the entourage also includes 25 princes, ten ministers and 800 delegates. All of them arrived in Indonesia via 36 different flights over a period of three weeks. Saudi Arabia King Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud visited Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim nation, from March 1 to 9, 2017. This is a part of a month-long Asian tour that includes Brunei, Malaysia, Japan, Maldives and China, the BBC reports.

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In addition to his jaw-dropping detail, the King was also not traveling light with a total of 459 tons of cargo.The Jakarta Post reported a special cargo were two units of Mercedes-Benz S600 arrived in Denpasar in February 18, one gold colored electric lift in Halim in February 21, another electric lift arrived in February 22 along other equipment. Jasa Angkasa Semesta (JAS) president director Adji Gunawan said that 63 tons of the cargo was unloaded at the Halim Perdanakusuma airport in Jakarta, while the remaining 396 tons at the NgurahRai International Airport in Bali.

Adji said that his firm deployed 394 workers in Denpasar and 178 workers in Jakarta. It will take 27 flights to transport them all to Jakarta and nine flights to get them to Bali. Indeed, the Saudi King gives the world some major travel goals with this historic travel style.

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King Salman’s Controversial France Visit

According to Reuters, back in 2015, King Salman traveled to France as part of his holiday program. With him was a 1,000-person entourage and an elevator. The king’s installation of an elevator from the beach to his villa, approved for temporary use by local government, triggered anger among some residents who opposed to allowing him this privilege. The Saudi Arabian King left the south of France for Morocco, cutting short a scheduled three-week stay after a petition from some 150,000 residents over the closure of a public beach outside the villa.

King Salman’s recent tour of Asian countries is his attempt to advance the kingdom’s economic and business interests. The last time a Saudi king visited Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim nation, was in 1970. This is when King Faisal bin Abdul Aziz met President Suharto in Jakarta. There was no big news whether that state visit was as huge and historic as King Salman’s latest travel.

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