Money does not make the world go round, but there are some people whose lives revolve around money. There are those who spend their entire life working to earn money, then there are those who don’t really care about spending money because they have a lot that could buy food to feed an entire nation. 

But did you know that you could actually look rich without really buying luxurious clothing, fancy cars and live in a huge mansion? All you need is a sense of fashion and proper etiquette. Remember, it is always about how classy you should act. Without further ado, here are some tips you totally need to learn if you want to look and feel rich.


• Proper Clothes and Accessories

A lot of people want to look rich and yet they just don’t seem to know what exactly the kind of clothes to wear in order to look rich. There are some who would spend a lot of money on luxury clothes and they don’t really mind if they go broke. That is such a not so clever way of trying to look rich. You don’t necessarily need to buy every Chanel bag you see. All you need is a sense of fashion. You can save up and spend a few thousand if you really want some new Gucci top, but be sure to get clothes from stores like Target or Walmart.

IMG_5768Look on the internet to check out some ideas about what is currently on the trend and what is your favorite celebrity wearing these days. You don’t have to get the exact same thing, use them as an inspiration. Always make sure that the style you’re going for fits your personality and your body type. Just because it looks good on Kendal Jenner doesn’t always necessarily mean it would look good on you as well. 

Experiment in front of your mirror, take pictures and choose the one that looks best on you. It is always better to have a lot of clothes to choose from because you can mix and match them, instead of buying a $500 shoes but that’s the only pair of heels you own. It wouldn’t hurt buying designer clothing, just make sure you don’t end up broke because that would be more embarrassing. Always check out the shops that have sales and discounts. Being fashionable can make you look rich if you do it the right way.

Accessories also play such a huge part when it comes to looking rich. Wear them properly, though, never accessorize too much since it would look weird and too obvious that you’re only trying to flaunt your accessories and people would think of you not having any fashion sense instead of looking rich.

• Take Care of Your Skin


It is not always about the clothes, the accessories or the bag that you have, it is also about how you carry yourself.

Starting with your skin, making sure that you have soft and smooth skin from your head to toe would mean that you are well taken care of

Visiting a dermatologist would totally help especially if you are having problems, but if it is not necessary and your skin is perfectly normal, then all you need to do is to eat and sleep right.

Whatever you eat will affect your skin and when you sleep at least 8 hours a day, your skin would feel rejuvenated and fresh the next day.

• Take Care of Your Face

Same goes with your face, however, if you can afford to do all the medical procedures Kylie Jenner did to her face and body, go ahead, but you obviously wouldn’t be reading this article if you can afford all of that. All you need is makeup and legit makeup skills to do it, no worries because there are tons of makeup tutorials on YouTube that you can follow to nail that perfectly sculpted face you are rooting for.

IMG_5777Makeup is considered to be magical especially if you do it right. So if you want to look classy and sophisticated, you wouldn’t have to worry because learning a few tricks about makeup and how to properly apply them on your face will make you feel like you belong to Taylor Swift’s squad.

• Take Care of Your Hair

Last but definitely not the least, hair is your crowning glory. Rich girls always make sure every day is a good hair day, a bad hair day is not allowed in their daily lives. If you want to dye your hair, make sure that it wouldn’t turn out as if you really just did it yourself or at home, it would be best to spend a little more money on your hair and have it done at the salon, it is totally something worth saving up for if you really want to look rich so consider it as an investment.

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