Hollywood Celebrities, socialites, even from the Queen of England herself. They would be captured using the finest and most luxurious handbags in the world. Made by the finest designers and luxury brands, these handbags can only be seen in photographs, (unless you can afford it) that are worn by notable people. Almost every single woman in this modern world carry a bag, that is why bags are one of the most common fashion accessories a woman can wear, and on this article, we will be talking about all these luxurious bags’ different qualities, colors, styles, and of course, their out of this world prices. So here are a couple of the most luxurious bags in the world today.



During the 17th centuries, handbags were only made for coins, hence why they were used to being called purses or pouches. In the present time, handbags are now defined as a larger kind of bag that can hold any type of money and other personal items that are commonly used by women. Women back in the day would make their own handbags or purses because embroidery is a necessary skill for marriage. It is commonly made of silk and velvet and is tied around their wrists, because 17th century women don’t want their purses to be bulky or untidy. It was during the Industrial Revolution in England where bigger purses and clutches.

$3.8 million

House-of-Mouawad-handbagThe very first one is the most expensive one of them all, it was even recognized by the Guinness Book Of World Record as the world’s most expensive bag. This bag was made by ten professional artists and they had only 8800 hours to complete it, for just a single bag. This purse costs $3.8 million, yes it may be more expensive than your house. It is a heart-shaped bag that is covered with 18k gold that is surrounded by 4,356 colorless diamonds, 105 yellow diamonds, and 56 pink diamonds. It is indeed extremely fancy.

$1.9 million

This next bag is made by one of the finest and one of the most popular luxury bag brand, Hermes Birkin. It was mad in 2008 and was considered to be the first ever million dollar bag. It is not just made of gold because it is made of platinum. It is also covered with beautiful white golds and shimmering diamonds. This would totally make you believe in the saying, “diamonds are girl’s best friend.” Well, in this case, bags covered with diamonds. It also has a special 8k gold, and a strap that can be used as a necklace because of the fact that it is completely covered in diamonds.


chanelforeverWhen it comes to anything luxury, there is one name that you would eventually think of. Whether it is a bag, shoes, dress, sunglasses and more. Chanel has been around for years, and it still mesmerizes everyone with its collection. One of them stands out, though, and it is the “Diamond Forever” bag. It was once considered to be the most expensive one there is, simply because it is made of crocodile skin and is surrounded by sparkling white gold and diamonds. The bag’s strap is even made with pure white gold, which makes it even more expensive with the price of $261,000. They unfortunately only made 13 bags available in the world and 5 of them can be found in the United States of America.


IMG_6157Last but definitely not the least, is probably the most interesting of them all. Louis Vuitton, just like Chanel, is known for its luxurious lines of bags and wallets, however, they made something a little too different this time.

They created and designed e bag that would symbolize the status of the society. It is made of pure leather and different kinds of materials with lots of different colors. Another fact that made this bag peculiar is that it has cigarette boxes, bottles and some other junk in it. It costs $150,000 and is considered one of the most luxurious yet unique bags in the entire world, that is made by a famous luxury brand.

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