Everyone loves to have a really nice house to come home to, but then a lot of people to think that they need tons of money to actually make their home a little more fancy-looking. Little did you know that you don’t necessarily need an expert, all you need is a bit of research. Interior designers know that it is not that necessary to spend hundreds and thousands on furniture just to make your house look elegant and posh. So here are some tricks when it comes to decorating your humble home into a sophisticated house you’ve always wanted.

• Color and Lighting

When it comes to decorating your house, it is highly advisable to actually choose a theme. Having a theme would make your house look like you actually hired a professional interior designer. It doesn’t matter if you have a small house, it is not always about the size, instead, it is about how you are going to decorate it.


If have a small or a medium-sized house, you should choose a theme that is light. Like shades of light blue and gray which is actually in trend these days, because light colors can add the illusion that your house is spacious compared to choosing dark colored walls with dark colored furniture. If you are having a hard time choosing the right colors for your home then there is always the internet to help you out. There are thousands of ideas that you can choose from and it can inspire you to think out of the box. Another thing to consider is having a good lighting, the brighter the house, the more elegant it will look like. Anything dark or yellow will totally ruin the posh look. So make sure to invest in some good lighting, especially in your living room.

• Do-It-Yourself Stuff

Having a tight budget is not an excuse to settle for less. But choose affordable yet great-looking home items. You can’t just buy an old overused couch for a very cheap price just because that is all you can afford. 

IMG_5873If you like arts and crafts, why not think out of the box and make them instead? If you need a painting to hang on the wall, why not make an abstract painting yourself or if you are a really bad painter, get some really nice photos from the Internet and make a collage or better yet take the photos yourself. If your wall is white and you have a black couch, it would be nice for the painting or the collage to be black and white as well to go together with the theme, just make sure that the black stands out more to compliment with the white wall. You can also recycle bottles or cans and transform them to a really nice center piece. There are endless ideas to choose from, all you have to do is to open your mind to any possibilities.

• Keep It Clean and Organized

It doesn’t matter how amazing your curtains are, it doesn’t matter how big your television is, it doesn’t matter how expensive your couch is; if it’s dirty, it doesn’t matter at all. No one wants a messy and dirty house so make sure that you keep your house clean and organized at all times.

If you want your house to look luxurious, then clean it every single day, make sure you dust up all the furniture and vacuum the floor. You also need to organize your stuff so that they wouldn’t just clutter everywhere. If you have kids then make sure you teach them to clean up or it is best to get a toy box if you don’t have a toy closet, that way you can just pick it all up and put them all in one box.


If you have a lot of stuff and you don’t know where to put them, go to places like Target or IKEA to get some things that would help you out when it comes to organizing your home. It is always nice to have a clean and fresh house to go home to, you also wouldn’t need to worry about having visitors at all times.

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