If you suddenly found yourself wishing to blow millions of dollars like Richard Prior in the famous movie Brewster’s Millions, what would you do? Well, we are here to offer you a helping hand.

When it comes to buying some of the items on this list, even winning the lottery might not be enough. Be it cars, toys, food, or business space, these are the most expensive examples found in the modern world.

Charles Hollander Chess Set

The price of this item is a whopping $600,000. And yes, we had to write it down twice to be extra clear about how expensive it is. This chess set has 320 karats of white and black diamonds encrusted and the price to go with it. As these things go, it is also very exclusive with only 7 sets ever being created. However, there is a concept for a chess set that would cost nearly 10 million dollars, but it is highly unlikely that the concept in question will ever become reality.

Cellphone: iPhone by Stuart Hughes

It figures that the most expensive phone in the world would be an iPhone, however, this is no ordinary phone, it is called iPhone 3GS Supreme Rose and it is encrusted with a grand total of 183 0.75-carat flawless diamonds, platinum and rose gold. Also, instead of the main navigation button, it’s creator Stuart Hughes decided to go with a single 7.1ct diamond settled in rose gold. The price? Mere $2,970,000 and that is for an already obsolete phone model. However, if you want a slight update to iPhone 4 Stuart Hughes still has your back, but you will need to fork up a total of eight million dollars for it.

Watch: Hallucination by Graff Diamonds

This 55 million dollar watch is a tad bit overly colorful for an average taste, however, it is a true artwork of jewelry with over 110 karats of diamonds in various colors set in a bracelet made out of platinum. The only thing we can say is that we would not like to be in charge of changing the batteries on that one.

Yacht: History Supreme

When it comes to luxury items yachts are definitely the most well-known signs of a person having too much money to spend, and this one simply sets the bar too high. The total price is 4.8 billion dollars, and no, it is not a mistake we mean BILLION. This yacht is the ultimate case of a person having five billion dollars burning a hole in their pocket. However, it does try to like up to its price, during the construction, this yacht “consumed” over a hundred tons of gold and is decorated with every imaginable overpriced item – T-Rex bones, diamonds, meteorites. Even thinking about 5 billion dollars being wasted on something like this hurts.

Ring: Oppenheimer Blue

This ring features an emerald-cut blue diamond coming in at 14.62 karats and was auctioned off in May 2016 at Christie’s Geneva. Price? The ring fetched a modest amount of money at 57.7 million dollars. This Vivid Blue diamond ring is named after Sir Philip Oppenheimer who gave it to his wife Pamela, however, we cannot imagine anyone actually walking around with it as it would basically be begging people to try and steal it in any way possible.

Shoes: Ruby Slippers by Harry Winston

Ever felt the need to fork up 3 million dollars for a pair of slippers? Well, someone believes they are worth it. These shoes were inspired by the Wizard of Oz and designed in honor of the 50th anniversary of the movie. And, the word “Ruby” in the name definitely means something as these shoes were decorated with almost 500 gemstones. To be fair, they are not the first shoes ever to reach the 3 million dollars price tag. That honor goes to “Rita Hayworth” shoes.

So, now that you have witnessed some of the insanely expensive things on the list, what do you believe you would have to do in order to be capable of affording them? As we have said, winning the lottery simply would not cut it as only one item on this list already went on to cost almost 5 billion dollars. On the other hand, why would anyone need anything which is so expensive? It is better to buy many common items from the same category, right?

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