When you think of KFC, the first thing that comes to mind is their chicken which all of us have loved growing up. There could be absolutely no other fast food chain that can match their tender and juicy chicken with savory gravy. While their recipe has been loved for decades, the fast food company is also looking for ways to address other segments of the population, particularly those who are health conscious.

KFC has just launched K Pro, a branch that is built on the idea of healthy eating and this is not like any other KFC branch that you have seen before. Here are some things about it that you might love, as well.

No More Fried Chicken and Mashed Potatoes

We have grown to love KFC for its juicy fried chicken that comes with a bowl of mashed potatoes or corn. This time, however, a new branch, which opened in Hangzhou, China, will not be serving your typical KFC favorites. While we all love KFC, it has often been blamed for serving up unhealthy dishes that contribute largely to a population’s weight and health problems. This time, you might end up thanking the brand, instead.

The latest branch is called K Pro. Instead of their staff donning red aprons and caps, they now wear green, which reflects their health advocacy. Instead of having greasy chicken, you can now enjoy guilt free favorites in this new store.

Loads of Healthy Options

“Let food by thy medicine; thy medicine shall be thy food.” – Hippocrates

Kotaku says that K Pro serves healthy dishes, which include salads, paninis, smoked salmon and grilled instead of fried chicken. With these healthy offerings, KFC is stepping up its food game by offering an entirely new menu for health conscious customers. Instead of soda, you can order free fresh juices and teas instead. Almost every item on the menu comes with veggies and is completely guilt-free.

You Can Still Have Cheat Meals Here

However, it is not totally healthy. You can still order things such as ice cream, French fries and beer. For those who insist on getting KFC’s fried chicken, they still have spicy wings as a snack option on their menu. Other fast food chains have offered healthy options before, but it looks like this is the first time that a top contender is building a branch built on healthy options.

It Has Cozy Interiors

Even if you get blindfolded and get taken to a random spot anywhere in the world, you would immediately know if you happen to be in a KFC branch. You would recognize the red against the beige and how things just look in its unique KFC manner. This time, however, K Pro has stepped up their interiors. The interiors no longer look like you plain fast food chain.

The interiors have been revamped to look like a cafe rather than a fast food restaurant. True enough, it looks like its seats are comfier and there are plants in almost every corner. It looks like an entirely different restaurant not connected at all to KFC.

KFC Is Getting Innovative

While this might excite a lot, this is not actually the first time that KFC has altered its offerings. In 2016, it opened its first robot restaurant in Shanghai. In December, they also launched a branch of the fast food restaurant that introduced ordering machines with facial recognition technology.

It is unclear if their inventive steps will take off or if the local populace will continue to patronize them. Everyone still thinks of chicken when thinking about KFC, but people like to try new things all the time, as well.

Everyone goes for fast food if you could not prepare food at home and K Pro might just set the precedent for being able to eat healthy all the time while on the go. How it will fare still remains to be seen, but with limited options in healthy eating, everyone hopes that this trend gets more popular. What do you think of this new KFC branch? Should they open in more locations? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.

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