Pokemon has been running for quite some time already. Its pocket monsters and trainers have been loved by kids of different generations – and some have grown to adults now. As a new movie is about to come out again, fans are just as annoyed as they are excited because it looks like Pokemon will be introducing some changes. Here are some of them.

Brock and Misty Have Been Completely Wiped Out

This upcoming Pokemon movie is a retelling of the Indigo League stories. This is actually nothing new and reboots happen all the time but, this time, it has two very obvious omissions. Brock and Misty are nowhere to be seen. These two characters were Ash’s first compatriots in the original anime. It looks like as if every trace of them has been wiped out in this new movie.

Every Pokemon fan knows that they are Ash’s most well-known friends. Kotaku points out that Misty even appeared in the first episode entitled “I Choose You” in which the upcoming film is named after. While watching, you will see that Brock and Misty are completely out of sight. You will see Nurse Joy later on in the film, but Ash’s friends are without a trace.

In this upcoming anime, it seems Ash’s best friends never did exist. This new movie even has a retelling of a classic tearjerker from the Pokemon lore, which is when Ash lets go of Buterfree. Brock and Misty were alongside Ash in the original anime when he set Butterfree to go, but they do not appear at all in this movie.

Two New Characters Have Been Introduced

“Cause I always play to win!” – Ash Ketchum

Pokemon has always been constantly introducing new elements to its lore. It all started out with 150 species of Pokemon. Now we have around triple that number. As for Brock and Misty’s case, it looks like they have been replaced with new characters, as well. Ash will be joined by two random children, Makoto and Souji. Both of them appear to be completely brand new as they have never been seen in any other Pokemon cartoon or game before.

A lot of people have noticed in posts and posters that Ash now appears with Makoto and Souji and goes out with them on his adventures. Souji and Makoto are even shown in 20th-anniversary images of Pokemon, still with Brock and Misty being out of sight. These two new characters will be bringing their new Pokemon with them as well. Souji will be joined in by the fourth generation Lucario while Makoto will be joined by a Piplup.

We do not know yet what exciting adventures await this new trio, but it looks like the replacement of Brock and Misty has garnered a lot of hate online. Long time fans of the franchise are not exactly happy about having Ash’s long time friends erased.

Where Exactly are Brock and Misty?

Brock and Misty are just as original characters of the Pokemon series, just like Ash himself. They have appeared in dozens of episodes and several movies. Misty came out in the first episode and they were joined by Brock by the fifth one. Screenrant notes that fans are not exactly happy with this decision. Of course, they still look forward to more adventures in the future. Other well-known characters remain such as Gary, Professor Oak and Nurse Joy and all of them will be getting their respective cameos.

It might be worth remembering that Misty left the franchise for good in 2006 while Brock left in 2013, but both can still be seen in flashbacks. However, “I Choose You!” is a retelling of the original lore. It is quite odd that these two best buds have been completely written off.

Brock was a lovable macho man with rock type Pokemon, while Misty was the fiery type who had water Pokemon. However, reports also say that these two will also be shown although very briefly. Ash’s old friends will be featured in the end credits as well as other friends from the past including Dawn, Cilan, Tracey, Bonnie, Serena and Clemont.

How good this movie will be cannot be ruled out just yet. Of course, a franchise that has grown to be loved across generations will receive some backlash if it decides to wipe out some old characters. What do you think of these changes? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.

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