When you ask a lot of people what would they do if they had a lot of money, the vast majority will list “travel the world” as one of the top 3 things on their wishlist. And when it comes to traveling, nobody knows how to do it better than the really rich people who can afford to try everything out.

Unlike most of us, the super-rich people are not limited when it comes to their vacation choices by their finances. While an average person will always try to strike the perfect balance between having a great vacation and saving as much money as they can, the rich will simply go to the most luxurious place they can think of.

These are the places the rich people choose to visit.

Aspen, Colorado

The entire city of Aspen is dedicated to being a perfect ski resort town while still offering outdoor recreation throughout the year. And, while not as exotic as most other places on this list Aspen definitely demands its place on this list simply because of the sheer number of celebrities that have officially stated that they love Aspen and simply can not get enough of it.

In fact, a lot of celebrities loved their visits to Aspen so much that they decided to buy (or build) a home for themselves there. Celebrities like Kevin Costner, Kurt Russel, Maria Shriver, Goldie Hawn, and others. And to live in Aspen you must be at least a millionaire as most family homes in Aspen are priced at over a million dollars.

Saint Tropez, France

Saint Tropez is already famous for being a great destination for anyone who can afford to fly themselves that and enjoy the French Riviera. This coastal town has always been popular with the artists who can afford to live there and the international “jet set” can not seem to stay out of it. It is known for beautiful beaches, luxurious hotels, and an exciting nightlife. And, to further cater to the super-rich who decide to visit it offers one of the best yachting experiences in Europe.

Hvar, Croatia

Unlike Saint Tropez, not many have heard of this Croatian island. However, the rich people have somehow gotten wind of this place and loved it ever since. Even Bill Gates himself decided to visit this island, and we all know that nobody has more money than him. But, why Hvar? Well, it offers a perfect package of having everything you might desire.

If you want to have a private vacation you can always go to secluded coves and beaches hidden on this island, or, on the flip side, if you want to party hard, its nightclubs are always there for you. You can also enjoy the beautiful beaches of Hvar, walks through orchards, vineyards and even lavender fields. And, in the end, you get to enjoy in the Mediterranean island that holds claim to being the sunniest spot in Europe.


While you do not have to be super-rich to afford yourself a trip to one of the Ibiza’s “lower end” hotels, you certainly do if you want to enjoy their best offers. And, the incredible coastline with dozens upon dozens of perfect beaches is not the actual reason for the popularity of Ibiza as a destination. The actual reason is the nightlife. Ibiza is famous for being the perfect destination for anyone who wants to party hard and enjoy the fast paced party heaven that is Ibiza.

The Principality of Monaco

Another destination on the French Riviera that made its way to our list is Monaco. This city-state is considered one of the most luxurious places in the world. However, the main reason the super-rich people love this destination is that it is known as a tax haven. This led to Monaco being the state with the richest people per capita in the world. In fact, Monaco is so luxurious that a single square foot of an average real estate will cost over 5,400 dollars.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the place that everybody wants to visit as many times as they can. It deserves the number one spot for the most luxurious vacation anyone can afford. The dazzling lights of the city and the excitement that is buzzing at all times make it a destination you cannot only visit once if you can afford it. It houses the best casinos in the world and there is little that cannot be done in Las Vegas if you are rich enough.

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