Scams have existed even before the Internet was introduced and people were ever willing to show their generosity to the scam artists by parting with a few hundred dollars or in some cases millions of dollars. The advent of the Internet has only made things easier for scam artists by making it possible for them to operate on a larger scale. They have begun creating online scams people are still falling for and should avoid.

One can easily blame the scam artists for everything wrong in this world and call them names and criminals but what can be done about the people that are still falling for the scams and parting with their money just to satisfy their greed of getting something that’s too good to be true. The average individual would consider these scams as “stupid” but there is no shortage of people who consider the deals offered as authentic and fall for the scam realizing they have been fooled only after they have thoroughly been fooled. Let us look at some of the popular online scams people are still falling for and should avoid at all costs.

One of the most popular scams is what they call account takeover. You write me a check, and I simply go online to a check-printing service and order 200 checks with your account information. ~ Frank Abagnale

The Fake Ticket Scam

You need a ticket for the big game at the last minute and luckily you come across an advertisement on Craigslist offering you the ticket at unbelievable prices. You contact the person, arrange for a meeting, collect the ticket by paying cash and safeguarding yourselves even by taking the sellers contact number, residence address and email ID. You return back happy you are going to the game and also managed to purchase a ticket at an unbelievable price.

The fun begins when you get to the gate and the ticket which looks legitimate does not scan. You contact the seller on his telephone and the number is disconnected. It’s quite possible that the seller gave you a story which compelled you to purchase the ticket for the price it was being offered for especially when paying cash to an unknown seller. The game’s gone and so is your money but you have the credit of falling for the fake ticket scam. It would have been better if you had watched the game on TV for free.

The Caller ID Scam

This one isn’t online but is nevertheless a scam because you are in all probability going to be a victim of identity theft. You receive a call from an unknown number and the voice on the other side claims to be from the local police department. They are investigating a crime and need to verify your information which includes your name, date of birth, address and your Social Security number in order to rule you out as a suspect. You provide your details believing the caller is telling you the truth.

However, you’re not stupid so you decide to Google the number and verify it belongs to the local police department. You consider yourselves safe but you cannot rest assured with the information. Scammers are capable of fooling the robust caller ID of your smart phone with a web service and if you have in fact given away all the information you can consider yourselves a victim of identity theft. Even the smartest of people do not want to mess with the authorities and this is a fact which is well known to scam artists. You should respond to such calls by asking for their physical address and promising to visit them personally rather than divulge your personal information.

The Email Phishing scam

You receive an email from your bank telling you that your account has been compromised and you are advised to click a link at the bottom of the email to log in to your account and change your password. You believe the website because it looks exactly like your bank and clicks the link. You change details and also click the submit button only to realize that nothing is happening. Scammers are good at making their emails and websites look authentic.

They make it seem like they are representing the bank or the credit union and even make the email look authentic by eliminating mistakes of any kind. In such cases, you are advised not to click on the links in emails because they will be taking you directly to the scammers business website. Unfortunately, thousands of people are falling for this email phishing scam and providing all their details to the scam artists who receive another opportunity to make some money without moving from the comfort of their seat.

When you are just starting out with an online business, there’s a good chance that you’ll be making several mistakes. Because of the mistakes that can be made with starting an online business, many people decide to quit or think that online businesses are just a scam. ~ Fabrizio Moreira

Things would be so much better if people decide not to fall for online scams that many are still falling for and should be avoided at all costs.

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