Food is an essential requirement of every individual regardless of whether he or she is affluent or not. It is something which no individual can do without but successful people have taken the habit of eating to new heights. They have developed unusual eating habits, which are quite different from the average individual. Successful people are not looking forward to having unusual foodstuff but on the contrary, have developed a liking or a hatred for certain types of food. Let us today consider some unusual eating habits of successful people. 

 Statistics show that of those who contract the habit of eating, very few survive. – George Bernard Shaw
Who are the individuals who developed unusual eating habits? 

Winston Churchill 

Breakfast has often been spoken about as the most important meal during the day and Winston Churchill it seems was a firm follower of this adage. Churchill would begin his day by consuming a heavy meal which would include two trays of food. The first tray would contain a poached egg, toast, jam, butter, coffee, milk and cold meats while the second would have grapefruit and sugar which he would wash down with orange squash and a whiskey soda. 

Barack Obama 

Barack Obama worked at Baskin-Robbins as a teenager and has thereafter displayed a dislike for ice cream. He, however, enjoys chocolate peanut protein bars and the favorite meal he enjoys is shrimp linguini prepared by Michelle Obama. When asked by a child in school about what his favorite food was, the quick-thinking Barack Obama told him it was broccoli.

Donald Trump 

has a diet which is similar to that of a teenage boy. He is a fan of big Macs and filet of fish, which are a staple diet with him. He regularly dines out on pizzas but does not have the crust. Donald Trump’s other favorites include meatloaf, a well-done steak and cherry vanilla ice cream. 

Steve Jobs 

Steve Jobs certainly had unusual habits as far as having his food was concerned. As revealed by his biographer Walter Isaacson, Steve would have a single type of food for weeks at a time with products like carrots and apples.

At one time, Steve Jobs had so many carrots that his skin had changed color to orange. Jobs had a strange belief for continuing with this diet because he assumed that having a vegan diet prevented body odor and give him an opportunity to bathe just once a week. 

Bill Gates 

Bill Gates once revealed a passion for cheap cheeseburgers and also mentioned he was partial to spray cheese and Diet Coke. While working as a programmer during the 70s, Bill Gates consumed large quantities of Tang, which is a fruit flavored powder that is mixed with water to become a juice drink. He would also eat scoops of the undiluted Tang powder. 

Henry Ford 

The founder of the Ford Motor Company considered his body just like a machine and believed that it should be given the right fuel. He had some interesting and experimental theories about food and Henry Ford would regularly eat roadside greens which were weeds. The automobile icon would eat these greens either as a salad or in a sandwich. 

Warren Buffet 

Warren Buffet has considered his diet as similar to a six-year-old because he regularly consumes five cans of Coca-Cola along with potato sticks and a breakfast of ice cream. Buffet has mentioned that six-year-olds have the lowest death rates among individuals of any age group, and he has chosen the lifestyle of youngsters for this reason. 

Novak Djokovic 

The tennis player Novak is a strict dietitian and avoids gluten, diary, caffeine and refined sugars. He has been acknowledged as eating grass at least on one occasion when he dropped to his knees after winning Wimbledon in 2011 and having the grass on the lawn on one the center court. 

Hillary Clinton 

Hillary Clinton is known to like her food hot and has a fresh jalapeno pepper every day. She had picked up his habit during the First Presidential campaign Of Bill Clinton in 1992 after collecting information that hot peppers can boost the immune system. 

Mark Zuckerberg 

Mark Zuckerberg decided in 2011 that he would only consume meat which he had killed himself, which pushed him into having a largely vegetarian diet. He slaughtered goats, chicken and pigs during the year but gave up the practice 12 months down the line. 

As it can be seen some of the names mentioned on this list are well-known personalities who, for some reason, decided to have an unusual diet and by all counts managed to do well despite being successful. Can the average individual consider developing unusual habits? There is no reason why any individual throughout the globe cannot consider such matters, and maybe he or she will even be fortunate enough to become successful like the people spoken about in the discussion.   

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