Almost everyone loves movies, whether it is action, comedy, romance, fantasy, horror, suspense, and animated. Everyone has their own preferences, but despite these preferences and different genres, every film has an ending. The endings are either happy, sad or even comes with a cliffhanger.

However, the ones that have sad endings are the ones that really touches and leaves a thought to the people who watches it. If it has a happy ending, then people would just know that it ended nice and the characters get to do or live how they want, if it ended with a cliff-hanger, some viewers get frustrated and would give a bad review about the movie, but they would still wait for the sequel. However, if the movie ends extremely depressing, it’s not the best movie experience for everyone — unless you like being sad. So without further ado, here are some movies with the saddest endings.


Who would’ve thought that an animated movie for kids would be so heartbreaking and tear-jerking especially if it is about toys, which is obviously for kids? Well, it’s more than just the toys. The Toy Story trilogy is literally about the story of a boy named Andy’s toys and their journey as he grows. The first installment was just a normal story about two toys wanting to be Andy’s favorite.

The first one is the cowboy named Woody, and he is Andy’s all-time favorite toy, but when the boy got another toy for his birthday, Woody felt threatened and is scared that Andy would prefer Buzz Lightyear, the new toy, over him. The second installment, however, took an adult turn and gave the people a glimpse of what might happen to the other toys.

IMG_6122The film shows a girl with her favorite cowgirl toy named Jessie, as the years go by, the girl gets older and is playing less and less time with her toys, even with her favorite, Jessie. When the girl turned into a woman, she just dropped her toys somewhere. There are even theories about the girl being Andy’s mom, which makes it even more heart-wrenching because it scares the viewers that Andy would do the same.

A couple of years later, the third and final film was released and as expected, Andy is just getting ready for college and is torn between keeping his toys in the attic or giving it to a local day care center. The film ended with Andy giving his toys to a little girl and asking her to take care of his toys for him.

The toys have full of memories of his childhood and letting them go means he is finally going to live his life as an adult. Another thing is that the toys actually represents a parent in general. When you grow up, you will eventually fly off the nest, leaving your parents behind, the people who molded you and guided you. That is why both kids and parents cry over this film. Disney always manages to make something simple so meaningful.


Another extremely heart-breaking film is this 1997 film, Life Is Beautiful. The film was so loved by the critics that it won Grand Apis at the Cannes Film Festival in 1998, and three Academy Awards, including the Best Actor for the main lead, Roberto Benigni. The film was a success despite its subject matter.

Set in 1939, a Jewish man named, Guido, falls in love with a woman named, Dora. They later got married and had a son named, Giosue. Unfortunately, their little family life was cut short when the World War II breaks out and the Jews were forced to train and be taken to a concentration camp, where people are imprisoned without due process of law.

IMG_6123Men and women are separated so Dora never gets to see her husband and son. In order to survive, Guido tells his son that they’re in a complicated game and that he must follow everything he tells him. Tasks, like hiding and being quiet, will earn him points and that if he cries, whines, and complains, he will lose points.

Since they’re in the middle of a war, Guido told his son to hide inside a box and to not come out until everybody’s gone, Guido then sneaks out to find Dora but was unfortunately caught by German guards and got killed.

This is the most tear-jerking part of the film, it is also the end. It shows how the father sacrificed himself in order for his family to be saved. A heroic act done by the far in the middle of the war makes people just want to sob like there’s no tomorrow.


Last but definitely not the least is this Academy Award-winning movie, Million Dollar Baby. It centers with a former boxing trainer named Frankie, who is played by one of the greatest actors Hollywood has ever seen, Clint Eastwood. Reluctant at first, he managed to help a waitress fulfill her dream of becoming a boxer and eventually making her a star in the boxing ring.

Despite her success, she has been cheated on by her opponent and illegally punches her at the back, breaking her neck. Without her fortune hungry family, she decided to no longer fight for her life since she has managed to fulfill her dream with the help of Frankie. So she asked him to end her misery by helping her die, and so he did.

The pastor told Frankie that he would be lost forever if he grants her wishes, but in the last scene, he was seen at the diner where she used to work and also where they had fun moments. What made this film extremely sad is the fact that Clint Eastwood’s character treated her as his daughter but had to help her get die so that she could finally rest and find peace.

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