“A dream is a wish your heart makes when you’re fast asleep”

Their tales are definitely as old as time. Disney has indeed turned these stories upside down. We’re not complaining since we loved them as kids.However, it is time for us to reveal the REAL STORIES of our favorite Disney princesses. It looks like Disney put our entire childhood inside a dream and now it is time to wake upHold on to your seats because #3 might shock you.

Snow White


In the movie, “The Prince gave Snow White her kiss to wake her up from the poisoned apple” while the Evil Queen fell off the cliff.

In reality, the Grimm Brothers wrote a different fate for the evil queen. She didn’t fall off the cliff and die. In fact, she was even invited by Snow White to her wedding, and she attended and danced. Yes, she danced wearing iron shoes.

Little Mermaid 

In the film, when our favorite red-head of a mermaid finally got her “permanent” legs, she married Prince Eric and they lived happily ever after.

However, in reality, let’s just say that it is a little more tragic than that. Hans Christian Andersen’s ending actually killed Ariel. After failing to make the prince to fall in love with her, she flung herself into the sea and died.  It is such a sad story even from the beginning since when she got her legs, it apparently felt like she was walking on sharp knives every time she took a step.


In the 1950’s adaptation of Cinderella, it didn’t show what happened after she and the prince got married and lived happily ever after. However, she managed to get out with the help of her mouse friends when her stepmother locked her up in the tower.

In the original script—A bit of a warning, though,  this can be a little “bloody”—while trying on the Golden (not glass) slipper, one of the step-sisters cut off her toes just for the shoe to fit. The other one cut off her heel.

Also, when the prince and Aschenputtel (Yes, that is the original name of Cinderella) got married, doves flew down and pecked on the sisters’ eyes, blinding them. You can watch this version of Cinderella in the movie Into the Woods.

“No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true.” Cinderella


According to Disney, Rapunzel was a teenager living in a doorless tower with Mother Gothel, whom she thought was her real mother. That was until a thief-of-a-stranger came into the tower and led her to the lights that she was dying to see. Rapunzel also had “glowing” blonde hair that was extremely long and had healing powers.

According to the original script, Rapunzel was actually given away by her parents, who kept on stealing greens on the witch’s garden. She grew up in a tower just like in the Disney version (without the singing part), bBut the guy who visited her was NOT a thief. He was actually a PRINCE.

And when the Gothel found out about this, she cut off Rapunzel’s hair and made her wander into the dessert while expecting the prince’s heirs. When the prince found out that Rapunzel is gone, he threw himself into some thorn bushes that made him blind. In the end, somehow, Rapunzel found the prince. Her tears healed him, and they lived happily ever after.

Sleeping Beauty

According to Disney, Prince Philip was wandering around the forest when he met Aurora even BEFORE she picked her finger. They didn’t know they were bestowed to one another since Aurora grew up with fairies.


Nonetheless, in reality, the prince (or the King, who was married) found a sleeping Aurora—Talia—and took advantage of her. Months later, Talia woke up and to find that she was pregnant with twins. One of the twins sucked the cursed flax out of her finger, and she woke up.   The King came back for them, and they lived happily ever after!.

But not exactly. Remember the King was married? Well, his Queen found out, and she attempted to make Sleeping Beauty stew out of Talia. She also tried to feed the twins to the king. Thankfully, the king noticed this and he threw his queen to the cauldron instead. And they finally lived HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

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