Sports persons are usually looked upon as honest individuals who are making tremendous efforts to excel in the field chosen by them. To their credit, numerous sports persons have lived up to the expectations of their fans and have made efforts needed to stay away from the sporting hall of shame.

Some, however, have succumbed to either deliberately or inadvertently to enter the hall of shame where they were disgraced and kept aside from the sportsmanlike activity for a length of time. This is the story of some famous celebrities who could not stay away from the hall of shame. 

Aroldis Chapman 

The domestic violence case against Chapman who is an MLB reliever is just a holdover from the allegations which were leveled against him in 2015.

Chapman, however, was the first player to be suspended for 30 regular session games under the joint domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse policy. The suspension, however, did not stop New York Yankees from trading for Chapman before the season or that Chicago Cubs picking him up in July.

The contributor of Forbes Alex Reimer explained, “few things throughout the world can cover up the flaws of a man like throwing a good fastball.” Baseball fans did not feel the same way, and many remained disgusted with the incident along with the attitude of Chapman towards it, especially after how both Yankees and Chicago Cubs chose to hire him. Chapman’s return to the Yankees during the off-season with a five-year contract for $86 million will certainly be questioned every time he displays any type of disgusting behavior in the future. 

Australian Open 

novak-djokovic-winnerThe season for 2016 began being embroiled in scandal with reports of match fixing emanating from Melbourne. Investigations fueled suspicions of betting particularly within the lower level of the sport was present and not being policed properly. A correspondent from ESPN, Tandon explained in December how the suspicions had unraveled.

The report led officials to order a closer look into their policing practices leading to the tennis integrity unit increasing its personnel and providing additional information on its activities, which included suspension of several lower level players, including some umpires. However suspicious betting patterns continue to remain as gamblers have widened the array of computations on which bets are offered. 

This wasn’t the only scandal to strike the sport of tennis in 2016. 

Maria Sharapova 

March 2016 saw a revelation being made by Maria Sharapova that she had tested positive during a drug test just before the Australian open for the banned substance meldonium. Maria claimed it was health issues, which had led her to use the substance for a number of years but did not manage to convince the international tennis Federation. 

maria sharapova

Sharapova was banned for two years in June 2016, but it was later reduced to nine months. Sharapova made a claim in an interview that the international tennis Federation and the world anti-doping agency was targeting her as an example for other athletes. However, the negative drug test caused one of the highest paid female athletes actually to lose significant endorsement deals including Nike

Brock Turner 

On the scale of scandal’s sexual assault ranks extremely high, and the case of Brock Turner was the former Stanford University swimmer was no different. Brock was convicted of assaulting an unconscious woman, and the conviction created an outreach of the level never seen before in 2016. 

Turner received a six-month jail sentence even as the case became a pinpoint for widespread anger. There was a further flare-up of emotions when a 12-page letter from the victim detailing the assault was released along with a letter from Turner’s father who referred to the crime committed by some as “20 minutes of action.” 

The case gave an insight into how sexual assault at the collegiate level and is likely to be a talking point well after 2016 has gone past. 

The sporting hall of shame also witnessed the inclusion of Russia for the scandal of drug use by the athletes representing the country in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. It was one of the hottest topics during the Rio games and led to the banning of over 100 athletes. Numerous other incidents have also taken sports persons and the countries they represented into the hall of shame when their names are likely to be mentioned for years to come.  


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