Most of the times, big names of Hollywood feel a sense of pride when they see their movies. In the end, since they are famous stars, they get to read the script and only then decide if they want to play the said character. However, movies do not always turn out the way they imagined it.

While a lot of actors are contractually obligated to only speak well of the movies they appear in, after all, they are spokespeople for their flicks, however, these actors and actresses felt that they need to share the bits they did not like with the rest of the world.

Margot Robbie – Suicide Squad

When the box office hit Suicide Squad was released, most of the viewers were left disappointed by the film. The story was too jumbled, the villain too poorly developed and it all felt kind of forced. But none of those flaws matter to Margot Robbie who still quite liked Harley Quinn (the character she was playing). What she did not like is the skimpy outfit that she was forced to wear. We mean, sure, we see a lot worse on the streets nowadays, and we all know that Margot is not shy when it comes to showing skin, but a large portion of the Suicide Squad was being filmed during the winter. So it makes sense that she has asked for an upgrade in clothing. As we all know, that attempt was not a fruitful one.

Jim Carrey – Kick Ass 2

This is one of those situations where it is not really the movie’s fault it happened. Jim Carrey was happy with it until the Sandy Hook school shooting happened. This horrible accident led to Jim Carrey reassessing his values and where his life is going. So, while he does not regret taking the role in the movie, he does declare that he can no longer support the level of violence in Kick-Ass 2 to the surprise of his colleagues.

Sean Connery – James Bond

Unbelievable, right? Well, whether you can accept it as the truth or not, Sean Connery started disliking 007 movies because he felt that James Bond was becoming a parody of himself. In an interview in 1983, he explained how he had always tried to keep bond realistic, credible and humorous in a way that fits the story. However, he has openly criticized the fact that the James Bond movies started relying on gadgets and hardware too much, too quickly. “Sort of parody of the character, as it were, so you would go for the laugh or the humor at whatever the cost of the credibility or the reality. I think that’s basically the difference.” He even, famously, decided to donate his entire salary (and it was a sizeable amount of money) from Diamonds Are Forever to an educational trust. Not to mention that he still feels cheated out of a lot of money by the executives, as his movies have made tens of millions of dollars long after he stopped getting paid for them.

Sandra Bullock – Speed 2

While you can understand the need to make more money by giving Speed, a movie who did pretty well for itself, a sequel, you cannot really expect the sequel to work out. And this one did not. As we can expect, the movie flopped at the box office and Sandra Bullock was rather open about regretting taking the role. Obviously, she should have backed out as soon as Keanu Reeves refused to reprise his role.

Sir Alec Guinness – Star Wars

Believe it or not, Sir Alec Guinness hated the role of Obi-Wan Kenobi even before the movie started. Lucas was just happy that he managed to get this Oscar-winning thespian to star in his epic space opera, so he was definitely not going to complain too loudly when Guinness described the movie as “fairy tale rubbish”. He simply accepted the role to make more money.

George Clooney – Batman & Robin

We all love George Clooney, however, there is also the fact that we all hate Batman & Robin. The movie was so unsuccessful that we didn’t get any other Batman movie for 8 years. In fact, the public backlash was so noticeable that Clooney stepped up and apologized to all of Batman fans and Adam West for what he did to Bruce Wayne.

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