For many 30-somethings, Super Mario is truly symbolic of one’s childhood. It might not be as popular now, but it will always be an icon not only of retro gaming, but of the late 80s and early 90s. Most people who played this game have grown out of it. Fortunately, a group of people have taken their obsession for their favorite Japanese plumber and transformed it to something more appropriate for their generation — a bar.

A new Super Mario themed bar has been put up in Washington DC named the Cherry Blossom Pub. As you might expect, this takes jumping on evil mushrooms and rescuing princesses to a whole new plane. Here are some reasons why this is the new place to be.

Nostalgia Slaps You in the Face Upon Entering It

mario 3

You might say that you have grown out of video games and have resorted to more mature things. This place lets you experience both worlds in the most enjoyable and age-appropriate way possible. This bar, located in DC’s Shaw neighborhood, has a lot of nods to the video gaming legend.

Upon entering, you will immediately feel like you’re being watched from the side in an 8-bit angle while evil mushrooms are after you to jump on. Almost everything about the place pays homage to Mario. You might get tempted to bump your head under the lamps that are shaped like blocks when you have had enough to drink. There are also piranha plants that come out of windpipes, 1-up mushrooms and starmen. Of course, every bartender is dressed like either Mario or Luigi.

You Can Go After King Koopa

Back in the day, Mario was fairly easy to play until you get far enough to confront this turtle-dragon and princess kidnapper of a monster named King Koopa. Now that you’re grown up and prefer hanging out at a bar, you can meet your former terrorizer once more. But that would have to come with a beer or two.

mario 1

This place has a corner dedicated to King Koopa. However, before you channel your childhood angst, it is just a chill wall that you can admire. This would feel just like meeting off with a childhood bully as pals in a bar.

Even the Drinks are Mario-Themed

Even the bar’s menu was reworked to deliver a complete Super Mario experience. Some drinks are named “Its A Me, Amario” which is a mix of sweet vermouth, Don Cicio & Figli Carcafio, spicy ginger ale and apertivo. They also serve that “What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Smaller,” which is a mix of vodka, orange, pomelo and apricot soda.

Other favorites include the “King Koopa Cup,” made of a mix of whisky, ginger tea and lemon, and the “I Call Yoshi,” which is a mix of unfiltered sake, cucumber melon, lemon, Midori and Chartreuse.

Cherry Blossom Pub Is Packed With Japanese Tributes

mario 2While the Super Mario tributes will excite bar goers, this is actually just one part of the establishment. In another room, patrons can find some Japan-related items like cherry blossoms, paper cranes, cat figurines and more. Pub owner Derek Brown said that what they wanted to do is pay homage to Japan and one of its most popular contributions – the Super Mario Brothers.

While this is a great opportunity to reminisce a pivotal part of your childhood while getting tipsy at the same time, the Cherry Blossom Pub will only be open until April 15. Since the place opened, the lines have been super long. Good luck getting in!

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