We live in an amazing world that is full of beautiful places, that is why a lot of people love to travel and discover different cultures of the world. But before you actually go and visit a certain country, it would definitely be wise if you do your research first so that you would know what to expect when you get there. However, you might be surprised at how some countries have some unusual and a little silly law. Check out some of them here.



LAW: Women are not allowed to wear stilettos

You might want to leave those Valentino high heels at home because it is forbidden to wear stilettos in all the Greek archeological sites. Greece is probably the most historic and one of the oldest countries in the world, so it is extremely understandable that the people from Greece would want to protect and preserve their archaeological sites. Millions of people travel to Greece because, what is there not to like? Greece has a lot of airports compared to other countries because there are just so many tourists from all over the world that goes there.

According to the Director Of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities, Elina Korka.

Many archaeologists agreed with this law and they think that it is necessary for the benefit of the Greek tourism as well as to preserve these sites that have already been a part of this world thousands of years ago.


LAW: No Chewing Gum Allowed

IMG_5865If you wish to see the very famous Merlion in Singapore, you should keep in mind that chewing gums are strictly prohibited by the Singaporean government. Unless of course it is for any health issues but you must have a proof of your doctor’s prescription or better yet just get the gum from the doctor’s office.

The Regulation says that importing chewing gum in Singapore is prohibited. And importing refers to as bringing it either by land, water or air from any place outside Singapore. It is not even allowed to be sold anywhere in Singapore. If you are caught spitting out gum on the streets, there is $700 fine.


LAW: Prohibits Parents To Name Their Children Anything Out Of Ordinary

This kind of law doesn’t only apply to Denmark, but also its neighboring European countries like Germany, Hungary and Iceland and the Czech Republic. This law doesn’t just mean that you cannot name your child anything embarrassing or peculiar.

The law also states that the child’s name must be chosen from the list of names that has been approved but the government. As of 2016, there has been about 18,000 female names and 15,000 male names in Denmark.

IMG_5867However, you can apply for approval if the name you wish your child to have does not belong to the list. Although, it is not guaranteed to be approved unless you have a proof that the name is a common name for many countries. The chosen name must also indicate the gender and cannot have any surname character and finally, it must follow the Danish orthography.


LAW: Must Have A Smile On Your Face At All Times

In the province of Milan in Italy, everyone seems so happy, simply because people who don’t smile get arrested with a $100 fine. So if you don’t really like smiling, it’s either you practice smiling now or just visit the other cities because it is a real law in the province of Milan.

There is, however, an exception and it is if you are visiting a hospital or if you are attending a funeral.


LAW: Being Overweight Is Against The Law

IMG_5863Looks like body shaming is pretty severe in Japan because, in 2008, the Japanese government proclaimed that by 2015, no one must be overweight. It is said that men and women between the age of 40 to 74, needs to have their waistlines checked once a year. The maximum waistline for men is 33.5 inches while for women it is 35.4 inches.

However, this is not a criminal offense, instead, the person who exceeded the waistline limit will be given some medical and dieting guidance for three months to be able to lose weight.

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