A brand is not considered as a brand without its face, and its face is the logo. The logo is the one that will remind people of the brand, sometimes people forget the brand name itself, but they somehow remember the logo.

Because the human mind remembers pictures more than words, it is technically based on the notion that the “human memory is extremely sensitive to the symbolic modality of presentation of even information.”

That is why it is important for a brand to choose the perfect logo so that it can easily be remembered by the people. However, they are more than just a face of the brand. Here are some meanings behind some of the most famous brand logos that will totally surprise you.


IMG_5979One of the most famous chocolates all over the world is this chocolate from Switzerland. It was released approximately 109 years ago by Theodor Tobler, where the name obviously came from.

They are the very first ones to include nougat, almonds, and honey on milk chocolate in a triangular shape that made it really distinctive. But they didn’t just do it to be unique and for their chocolate to stand out, they did it to symbolize where the chocolate originated, which is the Matterhorn mountain in the Swiss Alps.

However, if you look rather closely, you will notice that there is a shape of a bear on Toblerone’s logo. It is because the Matterhorn mountain is also known as the “City of Bears.”


When it comes to cars, Toyota is one of the most widely-used cars all over the world. The production of the Toyota cars started in 1933, however, it was in 1924 when the Toyota Model G Automatic Loom was invented by Sakichi Toyoda. The founder’s son Kiichiro Toyota devoted his life to manage the Toyota Automatic Loom Words and its first vehicle were the A1 and G1 cars in 1935. It was first known as Toyoda, because of the founders’ family name.


However, it was eventually changed into Toyota, because it takes eight brush strokes to write in Japanese and eight is considered as a lucky number in Japan. Its logo is known to have a combination of three ovals, where the two overlaps the inner ovals and it actually represents the connection of the hearts of the customers to the heart of the company. It also graphically represents the letter T for Toyota and you can actually spell the entire name of the brand on the logo.

#3 NBC

Home of our favorite shows like The Voice, Saturday Night Live, America’s Got Talent, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and much more. The National Broadcasting Company or the NBC, actually used tons of different logos before they managed to come up with this current one.

The very first one was used when they were still just a radio network back in 1956. In 1986, for the 60th Anniversary Celebration of NBC, they introduced a new logo, which is like a simplified version of a peacock. The 6 different colored tails of the peacock represent the network’s departments which are the News, Entertainment, Sports, Stations, Networks, and Productions. The peacock’s head is also facing right and it means that the network is looking towards the future.


Whenever you see a castle on the opening credits of a film, you don’t need to see from which production it came from, because you know that it is from Disney. It is considered as one of the most iconic logos and opening credits of this generation.

From an old man to a little girl, they would know that it is indeed a Disney film. Technically, the castle represents the fact that Disney is the home of fairy tales, hence they used Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella’s castle as part of the logo. The name, of course, came from the founder, that is why they used his signature for the logo as well.


Who doesn’t know the logo of an iPhone? Everyone in the world knows that when they see an apple with a bite on it, it signifies that it is an apple product. A lot of people know what brand it is, but then they don’t really know why the apple has a bite on it. The apple represents knowledge. In the Bible, when Adam and Eve were tempted to get an apple from the tree of knowledge, it gave them the knowledge that they are actually naked and felt ashamed. IMG_5975

The very first bite of the apple represents the fall of man. It was Rob Janoff who designed the Apple logo in 1977. The Apple logo symbolizes that their gadgets can help you gain knowledge. Come to think of it, the logo signifies temptation from the Bible, and people go crazy whenever a new Apple iPhone is released, it is like people are so tempted to get it immediately.

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