When people ask, which is better? Marvel or DC? It is like asking for an opinion from a certain point of view, so what the people really need is the facts. When people talk about superheroes, of course, the first thing that the people of today will think of is the movies that come out almost every year courtesy of both Marvel and DC. People often think that before there were movies, there were comics, which is the origin of these superheroes.


However, the question, “which is better?” Simply implies that one is actually better than the other. To avoid favoring the other, you can narrow down the questions for a deeper understanding.


When it comes to comics, the DC universe may have a little advantage compared to Marvel. The Marvel Universe may be a little ahead when it comes to films but the DC Comics is way ahead of them. The perfect example would be how DC actually shifts their comics from being for kids to adults. As the year went by back when comics were still a thing, the kids grow up as adults, so DC also made their comics have a darker story line from time to time, just so they could catch up.

When it comes to art, both comics did absolutely amazing, so there is really no argument with that. It will always come down with the epic story lines


It is an obvious fact that when it comes to movies, Marvel is in the lead. Yes, there are great Batman and Superman movies during the early 2000s, but with the multiple installments of Iron Man, The X-Men series (plus its spin-offs), Spider-Man, and more, the Marvel universe is far ahead when it comes to building up each character.

Things got even better when Disney bought the rights for Marvel films. That would simply mean, more movies in the future, bigger budget, more flexible, and more publicity. Disney is known to produce some of the biggest and the most successful films. DC may be under Warner Brothers, but their character buildups are not as strong, so they might need to work on that.

Another thing is the choice of actors. According to film analysts, the consistency and the amazing casting, makes Marvel have great movies. Can you imagine anyone else playing Iron Man besides Robert Downey Jr.? What about any other actor to play Wolverine and Professor X other than Hugh Jackman and Sir Patrick Stewart? This is compared to the casting of the DC films, like Batman, who has been portrayed almost perfectly by actors’ Christian Bale and Michael Keaton. The current Batman, Ben Affleck, doesn’t have the same effect as the previous actors who played as Batman. Just like Superman, George Reeves was considered to be the best and at the same time the first actor to ever play Superman, so current Superman actor, Henry Cavill seemed to be struggling to keep up with it.


When people think of superheroes, the very first one that would come into a normal person’s mind is Superman, it is because, the psychological phenomenon when the mind heard the word “super” in superheroes, it would lead to Superman. The Marvel universe may be leading to the big screen, but when you talk about superheroes, it would always be the big three.

Superman is considered to be the father of modern comic book superhero. He is also the best-selling comic book series of all time. He is indeed the strongest of them all since his only weakness is a kryptonite, which of course can only be found on his planet. He’s the original superhero to fly, be incredibly strong, and of course the costume. Almost every superhero, even Batman, is based on him.

Another one is Wonder Woman, she’s the very first one you will think of when you think about female superheroes. She’s the epitome of greatness in female form, and is the greatest female superhero of all time.

Both Marvel and DC have their own flaws, so it is always up to the person which they would personally prefer. One is simply cannot be better than the other, it is like choosing a favorite among all of your children. They both have their strength and weaknesses. Their artists, writers, movies, television shows, toys, and filmmakers must be considered.

Let us know in the comics who is your favorite superhero and why. Share this article to your friends and family to find out what they think.

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