In this generation that we are in at the moment, people are trying to their best to everything, just by one click on the internet. Most people say that if you want to know about something, simply research about it on the internet.

However, there are still a lot of things search engines doesn’t know, and they might never know. Probably because there are simply things that must stay a mystery, which is probably for the best. Why do people love mystery so much though? Why does the brain just loves to wonder? It is indeed natural for a person to be curious about certain things especially if it is something out of the norm. Mystery brings excitement and thrill, and it is such a nice feeling to be eager to know what you don’t know, to find out all the secrets, to solve the riddle and the puzzle.

“A sense of mystery is intrinsic to the human mind. It’s intrinsic for us to seek answers. It’s our evolutionary heritage, moving us forward by motivating us to find out more and use our imagination.” – Les Lancaster, professor of trans personal psychology at Liverpool John Moores University.

Here are some of the world’s timeless but greatest unsolved mysteries.


For many decades, the Bermuda Triangle has been such a mysterious, and at the same time, a scary place. It started during the time where Christopher Columbus was still exploring the world, he wrote about an unusual area, but it was actually Vincent Gaddis, who gave the name Bermuda Triangle in 1964. He wrote a cover story in a magazine called Argosy, regarding the disappearance of Flight 19, that happened on December 5, 1945. It was the very first known incident that has to do with the Bermuda Triangle. Flight 19 was from the U.S. Naval Air Station in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They took at around 2 in the afternoon since there is no such thing as GPS back then, they had to rely on compasses. However, the compasses were apparently malfunctioning all of a sudden, and it is such an unusual moment. They all fell down the sea and the chances of anyone surviving was very slim, however, there was supposed to be a wreckage that would float in the water, but none was found.

That is why in the present time, planes and ships tend to avoid crossing over the Bermuda Triangle. Whatever happened to the people who was lost there remains a mystery. Some say it is the home of the Kraken, but it was just a myth, or so people say.


The next one is Nessie, the Lochness Monster. It all started in 1933 when a certain aquatic living creature was apparently sighted in Loch Ness, Scotland. A local couple told the Inverness Courier, which is a local newspaper, that they have seen an “enormous animal rolling and plunging on the surface.” It spread throughout the entire Great Britain that there was even a circus who offered 20,000 sterling reward for whoever manages to capture this said creature.

There has been a lot of sightings and even videos and photographs of “Nessie” throughout the decades, but no one can still prove if the creature is real or just a pure imagination.


Another mysterious story is about Jack The Ripper. People throughout the years wonder why Jack The Ripper is so popular. He was a murder who killed five people, there are so many people who have managed to kill more than that but Jack The Ripper seems to stand out. It was in the 1800s in England, a person named Jack The Ripper, sends letters to the authorities regarding his victims. What made him unique is that no one really knows who he or she is. There have been a lot of suspects and candidates of who he might actually be but even it has been more than 120 years, his identity remains unknown.


A lot of people believe that this is just a mythical city, and some others believe that this is indeed real and just happened to be either destroyed or sank. Regardless if it is real or just a part of Plato’s imagination people still finds it fascinating. Plato described it as a powerful kingdom that actually sank into the ocean around 9,600 B.C. People say that it is in the same place where the. There are also a lot of people who think that Atlantis is located in the Bermuda Triangle that is why no one will ever know or will be able to find out about it.

“The need for mystery is greater than the need for answer. We may live in a time where there are great emphasis on proof, answers and outcomes, but mysteries persists as a reminder to enjoy the process, that undirected, unsettling, unknowable journey. When the lights get too bright we are programmed to seek shadows, to nurture the unknowable. Plant gardens in which strange plants grow, in which mysteries bloom.” – Ken Kesey, American author.

And there you have it, some mysterious phenomena happened in real life but there is no explanation for it. Do you know any other world mystery? Leave a comment and let us know which famous world mystery fascinates you the most.

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