For a story to be interesting and exciting, there have to be conflicts. It doesn’t matter if it is a movie or a book, there have to be conflicts, and what these conflicts are the amazing and iconic villains. Without them, everything will be pointless, the story wouldn’t be as exciting as it should be. They simply make everything better by making the audience hate them. If people hate a specific villain’s guts in the story, then that is such a good sign.

Villains are even more interesting in fantasy/science fiction comics. The world of Marvel and DC Comics revolve around its superheroes and villains. No matter how old you are, you know who Superman, Batman, Ironman, Captain America, Wonder Woman are, especially because of the amazing cinematic universe nowadays. However, these superheroes wouldn’t exactly be superheroes if it wasn’t for the bad guys who are trying to take over the world or just simply being their usual evil selves, but being evil doesn’t just mean you’re bad.



If you haven’t noticed, in almost every story, the villains are way more clever than the hero. This doesn’t necessarily mean that villains are geniuses, they simply don’t make stupid decisions and they are just very crafty with their plans. One of the most intelligent tricks villains have, is that they’re always two steps ahead of their opponents. They are evil, so they always consider every option, they always think of what might happen ahead of time, so in order to defeat villains, the heroes must always outsmart them.


Villains must also be powerful, whether it is by having super powers or by simply being a politician, or someone who has a lot of money. Powerful villains hang on to their resources, they have an army under their command, or if a villain has a certain power, then he or she would take advantage of it.


Lastly, villains are extremely determined to whatever they’re fighting for, to whatever they believe in. You see, a superhero’s duty is to protect and serve, they don’t really have a certain goal they want to fulfill. They are there to save the world, but villains have a plan, they long for something, their perseverance and determination gets the best of them. Villains are the reason why there are superheroes, there is nothing to save if there are no bad guys.

We always see stories of how great superheroes are, but these villains need some credit as well, after all, they’re the ones making every story worth reading. So here are the most iconic comic-book villains of all time.

“Do you want to know why I use a knife? Guns are too quick, you can’t savor all the little emotions in, you see. In there last moments, people show you who they really are. So in a way. I know your friends better than you ever did. Would you like to know which of them were cowards?” – Joker


Whether it is in the comic or the movies, Joker has got to be the most psychotic, evil, villain of all time. We know him as Batman’s nemesis. People would often describe him as an extremely wicked, scene-stealing, and an absolute lunatic. Batman came across a lot of villains, like Catwoman, Penguin, Poison Ivy, but Joker is the most iconic nemesis of the Caped Crusader. The chemistry between Batman and Joker is just beyond fascinating. Their protagonist-antagonist connection is truly one of a kind.


This specific mutant is basically the kind of villain, who you wouldn’t exactly hate because you knew what made him like that. Magneto survived the holocaust and it made him realized that people are actually capable of doing these kinds of things, that kind of pain are what some villains hold on to, which makes it one of the reasons why they become who they are. Pain chances anyone. Magneto basically set his mind that humans are weak but at the same time, they are completely dangerous. His presence in the Marvel comics is just so dominating, even in the cinematic universe thanks to Ian McKellen.


When you think of a superhero, you would immediately think of a certain alien named Superman, he is the savior of the world. He is basically the personification of everything that is good in this world. He fights for peace and justice, so all that is missing is a perfectly evil villain, and that is where Lex Luther comes in. It is a fact that Lex Luthor cannot physically defeat Superman, he didn’t kill a superhero’s girlfriend or family member, so what makes him stand out? He is after all, just human. Well, one of the greatest characteristics a villain must have is intelligence, and Lex Luthor has a mind of a genius, like Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein’s mind combined. His cutthroat mentality makes him one of the most incredibly powerful villains of all time.

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